rumbidzai zimvumi
Posted September 4, 2010 from Zimbabwe

I have been thinking about this for some time, and it really got me to thimk about who my hero really is. When i think of the word hero, i think of someone who is more of immortal, a life saver, like Hercules, spiderman or Batman. I really cherish my mum, she is a great person, but i wouldnt consider her as a hero as such. She is more of a role model, a source of inspiration, and someone who corrects me when i am wrong. Maybe there is something wrong with me, but at this point in my life, i still havent discovered who my human hero really is. I do have a role model, but as for my hero, at the moment its only God....and i dont think i can find anyone else who can surpass his actions. He is a million in one, everything in one, a source of inspiration for me, my pillar of strenght, my first and my last, he is more than a role model, and he is also eternal. I love my God, and i know that it is because of him that i am here, without him, i am nothing, thus to conclude this, the Lord is my one and only HERO.

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  • Vasantha
    Sep 04, 2010
    Sep 04, 2010

    Dear Rumbidzai, I do agree that there cannot be any greater hero than god. But I think the purpose of this exercise, if I understand correctly, is to locate somebody in flesh and blood as a hero. To be a hero need not be all powerful and almighty. Anyone who is doing things for others without any expectation, anyone who sacrifices his life, time, pleasure, money, values for others with no expectation as personal benefit, is a hero. So you can very well consider you mom or dad or some teacher of olden days or any such person as your hero. This may help. So give a try. Warmly, Vasantha

  • rita beauty
    Sep 08, 2010
    Sep 08, 2010

    For one to qualify to be a hero or heroine he/she would have done things that can live in you forever. Its different from a role model. A role model can be someone who dresses or walks in a certain way and would like to emulate him/her but a hero/ine can go further than that. A hero/ine can sacrifice life to protect others. A mother or father can do that. For the spiritual hero GOD superceeds all the heros. So Rumbidzai your mother is your heroine.

    I am a Zimbabwean and would like to link with you.

  • everlyrose
    Sep 09, 2010
    Sep 09, 2010

    Children of today at an average are quite confused with these two terms. More often they gravitate to someone that they always see, read or hear on television or their wifi phones, ipods or laptops. It is a given that kids, tweens and teens go through this. Then they learn along the way, as we guide them, as they are educated, inducted to society and know as they grow older. From having a pop singer, a rich rapper or a quirky reality tv character as role models, they would in a subtle way shift to their parents being their hero or any inspiring kin, or the president of their nation, a community leader or even their motivating teacher.

    My thoughts do lie on children who are not in an environment with positive role models. Those who are tormented from day one of their lives with practically any given situation. The likes of abusive parents, drug dependent or alcohol dependent adults who supervise them, growing up in an orphanage or moving from one foster home to another, the devastation of a community whether it be war stricken or from a natural disaster, those who are affected with a disease, famine and poverty. With all the pain and heartache I still hope that they have a hero within reach to comfort and uplift their spirit.