Ovagini (A girl who has bad luck) Ovagini is a bangla name of a poor girl of Bangladesh. Ovagini wanted to live this beautiful world but she could not live because of some bad people who raped her one by one and at last killed like a beast. This is the summary of a miserable true story. I will write the full strory in my next journal. The amazing matter is the people who raped and killed her are living in this world without any punishment but a dreamy girl who wanted to change her life and others through her skills, intelligent and honesty. Why does it happen? Where is our security? Why will we suffer without doing anything? Can anyone answer? Can it aware those people who do this nasty work?

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Dear Rumi,

I admire your courage to share such a difficult story, but one that you feel so strongly needs to be told. I am listening. The questions you ask are questions that I ask as well. How can we end the violence that's currently taking place and prevent future violence against our sisters around the world? Are there resources for other Ovaginis in Bangladesh?

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Thanks for the story and the contribution, Lisa, may be your last question should be, are there resources for other Ovaginis in our developing countries around the world? Women are really loosing their lives to this sexual violence and the secrecy and silence about it in developing worlds is not helping us at all.

I witnessed a case yesterday, a girl that was being raped daily by her boss she is a house maid, and it stated in 2007 she called neighbours and they were ready to assist her , when we got to the police station she denied and said that she lied because of fear and intimidation, she went back to the house with boss, so what next? The circe continues


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