My powerlessness gnawed at me.

That was Nelson Mandela in what truly was a ‘Long Walk To Freedom’. He was literally imprisoned and oppressed by a system that held him, his race and his identity bound for many years. He had such good intentions, such limited resources ...

Sometimes life can be like that. The will can often seem greater than the way. A why - a reason, desire and belief - can sometimes be overshadowed by the sheer greatness of effort it takes for it to be accomplished.

Many want to be change - many are consumed with a passion to do positive, prolific good in this world. What’s stops them? Well, sometimes everything and nothing. The struggle can sometimes start inside with the little niggling voices of doubt, the naysayers and detractors inside our heads who tell us that, no, it’ll never happen. Then sometimes there are the huge, monstrous giants of real life - the people who continue to perpetuate and justify unjustifiable systems; the ones who, while not participating in the injustice, stand to the side and do nothing but criticise and complain; then there are the lifeless things that hinder the very life in us: the lack of money and resources and the seeming inaccessibility of such, the inexperience, the not knowing where to start and who to start with … the empty pockets and empty hands that can often lead to empty hearts.

They can seem so insurmountable. But they aren’t. Are they?

I look around my hometown and I see the crippling poverty, rising rates of teenage pregnancy and many disempowered, disenchanted youth. I see problems, but I also see solutions. There are others before me who have already begun the journey of empowering others, and who are willing and ready to help me on my way to a similar place. There are groups - both national and international - which provide funding, guidance and general help. There are people - normal, everyday people - who have hands and hearts that are willing and ready to pitch in and help with the work. And there are communities - on and offline - which provide the kind of support that can make big, seemingly unattainable dreams look less and less impossible.

At each stage of a journey, it all boils down to the next step. Pulsewire is my next step. I’m writing to hopefully make people feel so deeply and see so clearly into another’s reality that their hearts will be inspired to demand and create positive change. I want to tell precious stories so well that people won’t stop talking, won’t stop thinking, until something happens - something big, something great, something absolutely filled with nobility.

For Nelson Mandela, it started with a step. For Martin Luther King Jr, it started with a dream. For Helen Keller, it started with a touch. For me, it starts with a pen … and a heartbeat. Somewhere, there's a story I can tell.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Challenges and Solutions to Creating Change.

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The power of your writing is so real, it is truly authentic, and it will force people to listen, to talk, and to act. This next step is your calling sister.



Just like you and Julie said, there is so much power in the pen. The written word is the only way we can start a fire within the hearts of fellow women and encourage them to take action. I'm also glad to hear that everyone hears those "little niggling voices of doubt." For a moment there, I thought it was just me! Cheers.

Kind Regards, Grace

No, my dear, you are not alone. There's a world full of people who experience some measure of doubt everyday. The thing is to not let that stop us from doing what we know we ought to do ...

Thanks for stopping by, Blessings.

Love, Ruthibelle

As clichéd as it sounds but the pen is indeed mightier than the sword. I particularly like this last line:

"For Nelson Mandela, it started with a step. For Martin Luther King Jr, it started with a dream. For Helen Keller, it started with a touch. For me, it starts with a pen … and a heartbeat. Somewhere, there's a story I can tell."

Big movements always start with a small seemingly inconsequential act, as simple as writing.


"Big movements always start with a small seemingly inconsequential act, as simple as writing."

Thanks for that I'm a firm believer. Blessings to you and yours.

Love, Ruthibelle

For those people, their walk was never easy. But through faith and believe.

And so can be yours. Therefore your enthusiasm and self drive will get you there. Changing the world starts with no one but you.



Thanks for saying so, and for the vote of confidence. I know I'm in the right place with remarkable people like you!

Love, Ruthibelle

We all have those nagging voices that keep us in a constant state of doubt and lack of self belief, both of which you don't seem to struggle with.

I for one can't wait for the story you wish to tell. Your piece is very inspiring.

I'm happy that you are so touched by the essay. I hope it moves each reader in a way that will make them do more tha empathise, and respond with positive action.

Love, Ruthibelle

"Voice," that most personal aspect of writing, the fingerprint of it, is an important part og getting people to notice what you're saying. You have a strong voice and I look forward to following where it takes you, Ruthibelle.

The 'voice' is the fingerprint of writing ... I love that concept. I will be sharing it with others.

Thanks for stopping by. Blessings.

Love, Ruthibelle


Fantastic entry! Thank you for sharing your passion and the many opportunities you see for a "way forward" in this world that is so beautifully chaotic. Keep sharing! Good luck.

  • Daniela

Absolutely beautiful write up ruthibelle. I'm soo in love with your closing statement....The pen is surely mightier than the sword

Well done dear!

hello Juliette, I loved your piece. It was really graphical and motivating. I felt inspired to do something and change the world with with my pen!