My vision! If I start asking my self this question what would be my vision towards the world in general and towards my community in particular?

Obviously if I try to write or talk about my vision it will take so many pages that many people might get tired of reading it and will definitely exceed the limit we have been given here but let me just summarize it and write it in a bullet form that might give a brief of what it’s all about.

My vision towards the world is that I want to see:

  • Women’s issues being addressed and implemented.
  • World free from violence and abuse.
  • Each and every nation living peacefully without any terror.
  • Child soldier being eliminated and street children receiving their rights.
  • World free from discrimination what so ever.
  • Different needs/equal opportunities for all men and women.

My vision toward my community is huge but will summarize it as follows:

  • Poverty and unemployment of youth being reduced.
  • Gender equity and equality being fully implemented.
  • Justice and equality been practiced within the community.
  • Women and girls shifting from been illiterate to educated ones.
  • Women partaking in the decision makings.
  • All kinds of Gender Based Violence being eliminated including: Female Genital Mutilation, domestic violence, Sexual Gender Based Violence (rape), forced marriage, etc.
  • Free primary education for every kid in the community.
  • Nomination of the educated personnel in the work places rather than discriminating women and men.

These just brief of what it’s all about my vision but if we go deep it’s much more than that.

I want to be Voices of Our Future Correspondent because it can help me achieve my ambitions and convey my dreams until I turn it in to reality and make the necessary changes in my life, my community, my country and the whole world. If I am selected as a VOF correspondent I will be grateful as my voice will get louder reach others and be of assistance of the voiceless women in my community to raise their voices.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Your Vision.

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Sorry for the late response there was a net connection problems here. I even added twice i dont know whether there is a way to delete one of it or not. It doesn't matter whether we are nominated to VOF or not all that matters is that we raise our voices and share our stories with our beloved friends out there,


Dear Andrea,

Yeah ma dear friend too much to say and do as well, hope i will be one of the winners who stand still and bold and fight for the welbeing of the vulnerable ones,

Kisses and big hug, Maryan

Thanks for accepting me to your community. When I first started looking through your articles I thought this was titled Learn from the past, live in the present and E-SHAPE the future......

...then I realized that it said simply, 'shape' which is wonderful...

....but I thought I would let you know that your inclusion and work towards Voices of Our Future will mean you will definitely 'e-shape' the future for many, many women.

Just in case the addition of the 'e' to the word 'shape' isn't understandable, here, the small letter 'e' is added to almost anything to indicate 'electronically' or, in other words, via the internet.

You are most definitely going to 'e-shape' the future by your work as a VOF correspondent!


Dear Ruth,

Thank you so much for the reminder, at first i wasn't so sure about that e-shaping BUT now i totally do agree with it, i have come to understand many things i wasnt so sure before, everything is accompanied with e- nowadays and it shows the power of the web 2.0. I am glad we are part of my community.

Warmest regards, Maria