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Islamabad, Pakistan - Defense of Human Rights (DHR) congratulates the announcement by the Prime Minister Yousef Raza Gilani for the restoration of the Chief Justice and the pre-November 2, 2007 judiciary.

DHR set up a camp at Aabpara Chowk, Islamabad in support of the Long March activities. The camp hosted the families of the missing persons, who have suffered the most injustice in the last several years. The camp attendees started their Dharna (sit-in) on March 15, 2009 at 3 p.m. and continued until the demands for the restoration of the pre-November 2nd, 2007 judiciary were met. They gathered outside the Chief Justice’s home in Islamabad afterwards.

DHR urges the honorable lawyers, judges, civil society members, students and politicians to show solidarity with the aggrieved families of missing Persons and help ensure that justice is served to the missing loved ones in the Pakistan Supreme Court. Thanks.

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Since the War on Terror thousands of Pakistani men and women have been picked up by the law enforcement agencies. Hundreds have been handed over to the US often for a sizeable bounty . Many have ended up in Guantanamo Bay. The Pakistani government suggests that only 4,000 have been arrested since 2001. Human Rights organizations claim thousands more. It is impossible ascertain the correct figures. All that can be said is they remain invisible, hidden from the public, without any contact with family, subject to torture and beyond the protection of ALL laws.

The unlawful practice of enforced disappearances, an equphemism for kidnappings carried out by law enforcement agencies, is a recent phenomenon in Pakistan and is directly linked with America's War on Terror. Some of the disappeared are foreign or dual citizens, Baluchi, Sindhi demanding their rights and religious believers and activists. Leaving behind mothers, elderly parents, wives and children, who can not economically support themselves. The enforced disappearances which have a most tragic impact which needs immediate relief.



Thankyou for putting this up. Are you a part of this project as well? I've been meaning to look for a list of all the missing people and this website seems like a great resource on all fronts with regards to this issue.