Jashn-e-Dosti - A celebration of friendship

Sabah Khan
Posted February 12, 2019 from India
Translation of poetry by Aquila
Translation of poetry by Aquila: Bridge by Aquila Khan (1/6)

This post is about the notebook Parcham created for raising funds.  Each year for three years now, we have chosen a theme to write about to raise awareness of the issues close to our heart and used it to raise funds for our work with adolescent girls.

This year’s notebook titled Jashn-e-Dosti (Celebration of Friendship) is a celebration of friendship, of diversity in India, challenging forces which seek to divide us along religion, language, caste and other artificial divides.

The theme we chose is a response to the horrific news of the abduction, rape and brutal murder of an eight year old child, of a teenager being killed by lynch mobs because of his religious identity, of killings in the name of the cow, caste pride and family honour.  Hence this diary with the theme of friendship; friendship which transcends the artificial divides of religion and caste. 

This notebook was a result of a poetry workshop conducted jointly by friends Aquila and Rabiya at the Parcham office in early 2018.  The poetry in the notebook is multilingual with translation in English.  All effort to bring this out was voluntary, from those who conducted the workshop, to the translators and children who contributed to the artwork for the poetry. 

We wish to thank all our friends and well wishers who work with us towards our dream of a more humane world. 

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Feb 12
Feb 12

Hi Sabah,

How are you doing? Thanks for sharing your lovely post and poems. Is the fundraiser complete now? How much money were you able to raise?

Hope you're having a good day!

Corine Milano
Feb 12
Feb 12

This is beautiful! What a powerful way to bring together voices and to raise funds. Thank you for sharing the images of these translated poems, and for al you are doing!

Anjana Vaidya
Feb 12
Feb 12

Thank you so much Sabah for sharing such a nice initiative. Best wishes to you, anjana

Hello, Sabah,

How creative and resourceful of you to think of this initiative. Thank you for sharing!

Beth Lacey
Feb 14
Feb 14

A great way to connect over a common mission.

Wendy Stebbins

What an amazing idea. Such a healing way to deal with the horrific happenings, the feelings of everyone and the process of grieving.