International Women's Day Event

Sabdio Roba
Posted March 14, 2019 from Kenya

On International Women's day with had a great inspirational day with students from a local Primary school. Among the talks we had was creation of a better generation which aspires to create equal opportunities for all. Girls from communities in this area are really faced by challenges of early marriages and school dropout. We urged the students to embrace the theme of the day which is balance for better and ensure there is thriving gender balance in each aspect of their society. The children were also informed of the importance of being each others keeper and ensure no child in their school/neighborhood is exposed to any harmful cultural practices. The boys to be champions for girls rights especially to education and decision making. Every child to watch out for any other vulnerable child and aspire to support. 

We ended the session by sharing with the girls the importance of learning to write and share their own stories of resilience at a young age.  Though they are young, they can practise and write good stories in future. They also learnt about world pulse and its great network of mentorship and support. They may not share stories for now but they can share information about world pulse and its wonderful network with other girls. 


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Corine Milano
Mar 14
Mar 14

Amazing, Sabdio! Thank you for sharing this work with us and for introducing World Pulse to this group.

Mar 15
Mar 15

merci beaucoup pour cette échange que vous aviez fait avec ces élèves car mena ces filles sachent de quoi elles sont capable ;elles vont partages avec nous;elles vont aussi ce battre pour leur propre intérêt ; elles ne vont pas ce mariées avant l'age mais elles vont ce battre pour leur valeur vraiment courage encore et bonne fête de la femme

Ariane Assumani
Mar 15
Mar 15

Il est très important de former les filles sur ce qui les concernent surtout leurs devoir ainsi que leurs droits ainsi comment elles peuvent les revendiqués avec intelligence au plaisir de vous lire encore prochainement

Mar 15
Mar 15

Hi Sabdio,

Thanks for sharing your inspiring IWD event. It sounds like you did a great job. I particularly like that you enforced the idea of children being each others keepers.. that sounds like a really great idea to me... good job, all round, dear!

Hope you're having a great day!

Congratulations for the succes of your IWD event, Sabdio!

I like how you also educate the boys about the girls’ rights. Start them young.

Thank you for sharing!

Urmila Chanam
Mar 15
Mar 15

Dear Sabdio,
What an incredible session that must have been for students in school! I laude your efforts and the messages you deliverd so effectively. Change is a low and unexpected response, sometimes it is quick and easy to recognise, sometimes it is so big that we cannot believe it and sometimes it takes years and not easily visible. Irrespective of the nature of change, continued efforts are so important. Thanks for sharing.
Love and hugs,
Urmila Chanam,
You can reach me at

Lilfairtrade Shop
Mar 16
Mar 16

Hello Sabdio,

Assalaam Alaikum, peace and blessings,

Congratulations on your efforts to promote gender balance, resilience, compassion and mentor-ship.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your work especially asking the children to write their personal stories and experiences.

As an educator its so exciting to see children and adults learning in a safe, fun, motivated environment.

Best wishes for all your work and future initiatives.
Love peace and blessings

I've attached a few links that maybe of use to you.

Obisakin Busayo
Mar 17
Mar 17

Well done Sabdio for the good work you are doing! It is so wonderful!