International Women's Day Event

Sabdio Roba
Posted March 14, 2019 from Kenya

On International Women's day with had a great inspirational day with students from a local Primary school. Among the talks we had was creation of a better generation which aspires to create equal opportunities for all. Girls from communities in this area are really faced by challenges of early marriages and school dropout. We urged the students to embrace the theme of the day which is balance for better and ensure there is thriving gender balance in each aspect of their society. The children were also informed of the importance of being each others keeper and ensure no child in their school/neighborhood is exposed to any harmful cultural practices. The boys to be champions for girls rights especially to education and decision making. Every child to watch out for any other vulnerable child and aspire to support. 

We ended the session by sharing with the girls the importance of learning to write and share their own stories of resilience at a young age.  Though they are young, they can practise and write good stories in future. They also learnt about world pulse and its great network of mentorship and support. They may not share stories for now but they can share information about world pulse and its wonderful network with other girls. 


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Dawn Arteaga
Mar 15
Mar 15

Wow Sabdio! Congratulations Ambassador extraordinaire! Thank you so much for sharing - I am sure you inspired them and the ripple effect can only grow and grow.