Professor Sakena Yacoobi (My Hero)

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Posted March 10, 2011 from Afghanistan

Professor Sakena Yacoobi, the founder of Afghan Institute of Learning (A.I.L) is a national, international and well known personality who was interested about her country and its people from childhood.

By the time that struggle raised in Afghanistan and she left the country and immigrated in America, she couldn’t ignore her people’s life difficulties and always attempted to contribute them. As she says: “Work with the people and assist them in order to provide them self-sufficiency in filed of social issues via participation. This is the only way of Afghan’s survivals.”

Professor Sakena Yacoobi obtains high views, thoughts and goals since she always considers on basics and views that concentration on education and health is basic path to a country’s development. Professor Yacoobi‘s goals are as follows: • The country’s educational system improvements on its convenient and progressed form. • Capacity Building in different fields. • Providing health services • Removal of poverty and raising economical progress in the country.

Professor Yacoobi has consecrated her whole life to his country’s improvement. She regularly goes on trip in different countries and receives funds/financial cooperation individually from different references via her splendid and impressive speech about her country’s condition which provides a verity of awareness and introductions to the foreigners about Afghanistan, and spends the funds for A.I.L projects to the people in Afghanistan and Afghan refuges in Peshawar-Pakistan. As she could hold relationships with the huge company of United State of America and through a proper relationship, she could import a large number of medicines in Afghanistan and distributed them to the patients of A.I.L‘s respective clinics ,for instance, Mirbachakoot district’s Clinic-Kabul Province, Amam Shash Noor, Jaghartan and the villages relating to Enjeel district of Herat province. In education filed, Professor Yacoobi provides trainings by launching Seminars and Workshops in Kabul, Heart, Balkh, Bamyan, Jilalabad provinces of Afghanistan and Peshawar city of Pakistan. For instance, in the filed of Pedagogy, Pedagogic Seminars are launched to the teachers which provide necessary and beneficial instructions concerning new teaching methodology. Moreover, the appropriative Seminars regarding Dari, Holy Quran’s recitation‘s rule, Math are launched too.

In filed of capacity building, Workshops are launched regarding Leadership, Management, literacy, elimination of violence against women and Information Technology. Furthermore, the program also provides health trainings via Health Workshops and Reproductive Health Workshops.

The establishments of Women’s Learning Centers and Community Based Organizations are as well determines the initiatives and efforts of Professor Sakena Yacoobi in educational field. The other services of Professor Yacoobi is the establishing of (Gowhar Shad Begum University) for the purpose of raising the higher educational level of Afghan youths Refugee in Peshawar-Pakistan. The establishment of Kindergarten first in an immigrated environment and then in Kabul and Heart provinces and the establishments of (20)-bed Clinic in Heart city for the better concentration on people’s health also verifies the spiritual assistance of Professor Sakena Yacoobi.

Eventually, Professor Sakena Yacoobi obtains long-term objectives with regard to her goal concerning (Elimination of Poverty). She instructs people how to fish rather than how to eat fish which is worthy of high concepts.

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  • Olutosin
    Mar 11, 2011
    Mar 11, 2011

    Professor Yacoobi is worthy of emulation, May she and other women like her be blessed. Thanks for posting this friend.