When I started viewing and writing on World pulse, I did not know exactly how I could be benefited by it? However, as the days passed I learned a lot by reading the post from different parts of the world and it give me realization that life is very difficult in some parts of the world and we have to do a lot for making it easy and beautiful for the rest of us.It also gives moment of enjoyment while passing comments and receiving feed back from my sisters.

I have been involved in the development sector from my student life. Some time I became so fed up that there is no change in the existing life circle and we are moving in a circular movement, we could not step outside it if we take two-step forward then within a week we have to take three steps back which makes no difference in our system.

Nevertheless, from the web 2.0, I got many answers of my questions and I have been involved in the process of empowerment. As empowerment is a journey. First you empowered yourself by knowing your strengths and weaknesses and then utilizing these strengths in empowering others specifically the most vulnerable humans of this world.

Why I mention our group at risk, because we are the humans who know how to sacrifices and during this we forget about ourselves. For this I would like to take my mothers example, she is a lady health worker (a type of health worker who provides a variety of services to urban and rural communities) and worked in a local cement factory for attending the wives of its hundreds of labourers. She served her whole life for vulnerable population for a very low cost and now what happened to her, She got breast cancer, she didn’t care about it initially but when it start hurting she realized that there is something wrong then doctors operated it off.

After that, two years passed quietly but again cancer backed in the bones which gives her horrible pain and she got six courses of Chemotherapy and several radiation sitting but the result is nothing. This all happened because she scarified for her community for her children and family. I do not know what to do. We could not see her in pain but dont want to lose her because she is like a roof for us who listen all the problems and put her all efforts to solve it.

I don’t know why I'm sharing with you but may be because I think this is the place where I could get some solution or some suggestions or may be it flows out my feelings of sorrow which can not be shared any where else.

Because this web 2.0 developed a community which strengthen our relations, emotions and gives us a place to breath.

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Hi Sabiha,

I am not sure how we are going to do it but i think that sometimes this same technology could be used to marginalise us. I guess we need to work hard especially in increasing numbers women having access to the internet. There is also need for capacity building on what women should actually be doing online. It is important for us to even know how to behave in cyberspace.


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Dear Sabiha,

A place such as PulseWire is here for you to get solutions, and express yourself. PulseWire is meant to share any emotion you desire. I wish your mother many blessings while fighting cancer. I too have lost many family members from cancer, and know what a battle it can be. Keep your strength and courage nearby, so you can call upon them during this journey.

I appreciate the honesty in your writing. You have a sincere, truthful voice. I really like how you highlight women as "the humans who know how to sacrifice" and the group at risk. I think women have been subjected to risk factors for a long time, and especially through media.

I would have liked to hear more detail about your ideas, visions, solutions that web 2.0 can manifest.

Dear Sabiha,

Your story brings up so many emotions for me, as my grandmother suffered from bone cancer too. And I remember the bitterness I would feel toward life and God for giving the most gentle, loving and sacrificing woman the most painful cancer known to man. I never could find a satisfactory answer to that question, but I did learn one thing--- with injustices like these a we can choose to become bitter or deeper. Pain I found has a way of deepening us and making us more compassionate.

I especially love what you said about beauty: "we have to do a lot for making it easy and beautiful for the rest of us." I believe this is the ultimate challenge, and the way I interpret what you're saying is that we must take the pain caused by these injustices and somehow create beauty. Combine this message with empowerment, and you get a message of hope.

I would really enjoy hearing more about your experiences, family and thoughts. As an evaluator of the Voices of the Future, I would encourage you to try to stick to the word count, topic, know the criteria, etc. You have a very promising voice, I look forward to hearing more about the ways you see or feel that your turning toward beauty or instances where you see others doing the same.

Warmly, Cynthia

Cynthia Casas