"VOF Week 2: ( A Seed Which Started Germination )

sabiha nazli
Posted March 26, 2009 from Pakistan
"VOF Week 2: ( A Seed Which Started Germination )

Throughout my student life I had been involved in extracurricular activities such as running an educational community-based theatre group and a social welfare organization. The welfare organization was formed by a group of students and factory workers with objectives to increase awareness about health, education and child labour among the low-income areas and most interesting thing was that I was the only girl among 30 members and was chosen as president of the organization. During that period, we used to go in villages and in remote areas, which showed the horrible picture of women life because in our feudal society, at every 20 minutes, a woman dies from the complications of pregnancy and childbirth. Women of Pakistan have little choice in making reproductive health related decisions such as how many children to have, whether to practice family planning or not and to access health services. This whole scenario of reproductive health and women status forced me to work for the awareness of our community and fortunately, I got the opportunity to join the Leadership Development for Mobilizing Reproductive Health

I grab the opportunity and start working in LDM as a program associate. Where I have to maintain a network of reproductive health leaders via internet to send them latest information’s about conferences, courses and current figures and fact.During this, I have to read and search lots of sites and mails. As my daily routine, when I was busy in reading mails from my fellows I found the invitation from ‘voices of the future’. I clicked and registered on it because it is my passion to communicate with the people. As the days I found it interesting because Voices of Future provide us a platform where we could come closer to those whom we never met, talk or seen. It gives us the real picture of life in far remote areas.

World pulse also gives us a larger space to discuss our issues and if this platform develops then I hope it could be turn into a global organization that could produce a loud sound which could not be over heard and would produce a movement. In the start, it looked like a seed waiting for the suitable condition and water to be germinated and I think now it started germinating and became a plant whose roots are all over the world and we are the beneficiaries of this plant. Once we are linked and unite then no body could break this bond because our pain and problems are same.

Well done!!!!!! World Pulse, you really became a pulse of our body.Keep us alive.....

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  • LauraB
    Apr 07, 2009
    Apr 07, 2009


    Metaphors about germination, planting- words and images that mean so much to me. Are you a gardener? I think these metaphors in your writing work very well. I like to read journals that draw me in- giving me that sense of the personal. Here at PulseWire I learn about the global community in a much different way than my morning paper reading. It's a privilege to read your story about being a community organizer in health, education, and child labour I feel your passion when you say, "grab the opportunity" I get this same sense that you do, that PulseWire gives us the real picture of life in far remote areas. I'm trying to imagine right now what it looks like where you live. What's the weather like, the colors, the atmosphere? PulseWire opens lives up- can you paint your world with colors, sounds, textures, people? I would love to know more about Pakistan through Sabiha's eyes!

    It would be wonderful to hear you comment on other VOF journal entries strengthening your leadership role.

    I'm so glad that being here at PulseWire has united you with women around the globe. I will be so interested to hear your continuing story.

    Warm wishes,


  • mrbeckbeck
    Apr 13, 2009
    Apr 13, 2009

    Hi Sabiha,

    Thank you for sharing your story here. I was one of your readers for the assignment, and enjoyed Listening to your story. I love that you found PulseWire through your work at LDM. What other amazing things have you found during your work, I can only imagine!? I'm sure there is a lot of information out there that is powerful and insightful.

    I too love your imagery of a seed coming to life. PulseWire is an exciting place for exchanging ideas and information. I love to read the stories from women around the world. I look forward to reading more from you and connecting in the future.

    I wish you all the best in your work for reproductive health, and in the PulseWire community. Thank you for being here and sharing with everyone.

    Warm regards, Scott