Problems Faced by Pakistan

sabiha nazli
Posted May 27, 2009 from Pakistan

Hi Friends,

I am forwarding this mail to all of you which I have written in reply of Jensine mail and she asked me to post it on Pakistan's page. I am looking for feed backs from all of you on this veru sensitive issue. Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts. As you know, we Pakistani are very lucky that we have the advantage of having all four season in our country. We have good quality fruits, vegetables, and all other blessings of God. We also have good reserves of Coal, natural gas and Oil in our areas but due to international and national politics, we are not supposed to explore these natural treasures. We have very beautiful tourists sites in our country, which are nowadays, become the target area of the terrorism and yesterday our government arrested some foreigner from these areas who are the master trainers of developing the human bombs Means in developing the suicide bombers, they are using all types of modern techniques in spreading their messages they have developed master guide and CD's, that are openly available in the markets to make these devices. Therefore, it is really a horrible picture from a very rich region. One thing more that we are not ready for all these humans’ attacks. Do you believe that these bombs can easily be made at home with very little resources? Yesterday we again had a bomb attack in one of our major city Lahore and officially 30 innocents lost their lives and 200 are injured and don't know how many more will become the victim of such activities. I would like to ask one question is there any way to stop such attacks. We as a nation/gathering are not standing against it and I thought we are thinking that when we are safe or unhurt from such incident then there is no need to speak or stand against such acts. However, I Think this is the time when are supposed to stand because when we are attacked then there is no way to speak up. Sorry I became too bitter. Love and Take Care


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  • LauraB
    May 28, 2009
    May 28, 2009


    I have no answers, only empathy. I'm sitting here with the usual answers- education, employment, vital international accords....and all I can really say is- thank you for posting this and making me aware today that 30 innocent people died and 200 were injured in Lahore. From the newspaper this is information, from you, it affects me. From you, I take this in and care in a different way. Maybe that is something? I'm not sure.

    Keep posting.



  • Maria de Chirikof
    Jun 04, 2009
    Jun 04, 2009

    I have no idea what it is like but can feel your pain but think it is wrong to call it being bitter when it is like a lemon has a naturally bitter taste and you can not help but make a face when biting one, how it is a temporary reaction to the thing and not a part of yourself. Things need to change and we are all working together for it so I thank you for sharing with us too. It is important to know of things happening in other places and what the woman there feel and think about it.

    Turning apathy into something better is our goal where we will change the feelings inside the woman and people first to change the world. It is the same sort of thing here for the indigenous Americans where it seems no one cares so we turn our energy into a desire to excel not only in our own cultural beliefs but become involved and learn the modern things too. What is that one saying, something like "if Mohamed wont come to the mountain then the mountain must go to Mohamed" where we need to meet people on their terms since each person does have that right to freedom and sometimes we need to go the extra mile to reach them truly.

    So many false sayings have come and gone that it is easy to think of them as just flies buzzing around but when it becomes a habit we also miss what is real too. So we must all work together to make sure Truth is heard and bring about the real changes by showing we ourselves are/have changed too.



  • Kizzie
    Jun 04, 2009
    Jun 04, 2009

    My dad works with WHO/Emro regional office and he visits Pakistan on a regular basis. He is really sad about the current situation, it's a beautiful country and Pakistanis are very generous. I really feel that you can't do much about the current situation without fixing Afghanistan. I just bought Benazir Bhutto's book, I'm hoping to read it soon.

    Good luck Pakistan:)