The Internet my Global touch

Alice Muhonja Simiyu
Posted June 5, 2014 from Kenya

Yes it is because of the internet that I have come to discover we have the world pulse around the world that connect women and men.I started it slowly by going to the cyber to send and reply to the emails.It was not very easy for I had to call several times an attendant for the cyber to help me on several links on the computer.When it came to downloading,uploading a photo ,nor certificates it was real a challenge.I learned it the hard way but it really helped me to know a lot of things and now I can access people ,websites,friends all over the world. To know how to use the internet is what empowers one to be touched and to touch others.With the online access your tears can be joy as you make connections,speak out because talking is release and become an inspiration.As a student at the university of Nairobi working on my projects the internet helped me to search for more notes,have my essays well done and become knowledgeable in studying my area of study.Today as a founder and Executive Director of Safisha Africa,It has helped me to recruit volunteers from all over the world who come to give skills at the organization project of the school.It was not easy to recruit the volunteers if it were not going on line everyday.I was jobless at the same time running a project for the children.I borrowed money to feed the children and to go on line to search for volunteers to assist me teach the destitute children.It was a time of hardship to choose to serve the children or to quit.I was doing many things at the same time,teaching,cooking for the children ,washing classes because I had no money to pay no body.Afterwards I needed to go to the cyber to look if I had any emails from any body,then in the house to take care of my children whom I did not know what they will eat in the evening.My lard lord always shouted at me when I did not pay rent and threatened to throw me outside.At a time I had one volunteer from Australia from the internet that is when my life changed.My four youthful children had not joined any college among them my last born had stayed in the house for three months with a balance of $1200 dollars for over two years.The volunter who was touched by the work I do decided to take up my children and educate them.My daughter has finished university,one of my sons is at the university ,and Stephen who is now at the high school.See what the internet has done to my life.It gave me joy and uplifted my status in the community I stay.If I stayed in the house crying for a man who left me it would not have helped me.I went without basic need for some time but the internet made me whole again.I have friends allover from Newzealand,Finland,Canada,Switzerland,Germany,Holland,Netherlands,USA,U.K and many others.I have a network all over and linked them on face book apart from the emails where we communicate.My face book name is Alice Muhonja .Among the photos I have attached shows the network of the volunteers,travelers whom I host.The internet has exposed me to the global world,has paid fees for my children at high school ,university and where I stay I pay rent. Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation has a project for the vulnerable children who needs assistance to access quality education.One of the area Iam working on the community is to mobilize ,non teaching staff ,teaching staff ,school girls,women to know how to use the internet.Urban slum areas and rural populations are disadvantaged in getting people who know more about accessibility to the internet because they would rather think of how to get meal a day than how to go to the cyber or pay for a computer college to get the skills. There are challenges as I mobilize the learners as less tools,resources to allow all to fit in the program me.At the movement I only have one laptop which I put school girls from 3years onwards and women into groups of 4 to 6 to learn about how to work on the computer .We also use the place for the school; we do not have our own place so time is always short and we need to accommodate all.The other challenge is illiteracy.Some women have no basic education background so they don't understand quickly what is being passed and the culture demand women are meant to be in the kitchen taking care of their husbands.The myth,taboo and culture surrounding women is strong.I have started socializing the young girls as career girls who need to move forward.The last challenge is economic which pulls a number of women down that they cannot access a cyber due to the amount one needs to pay as you visit the internet.

WWW: Women Weave the Web

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  • Olanike
    Jun 07, 2014
    Jun 07, 2014

    You've got a great work going on in your community, and I bet it would always make a world of difference for as many as connect and tap into it. It is obvious that you are weathering the digital odds before you, in your own unique and inspiring way. You sure deserve all the resources you can get to further your work; because I know it would result in very changes in the lives of the women and children you are supporting.

    Thank you for sharing with us!


  • Alice Muhonja Simiyu
    Jun 14, 2014
    Jun 14, 2014

    Thanks for the compliments.You are welcome

  • KOMoore
    Jun 20, 2014
    Jun 20, 2014


    Thank you for the work you are doing and taking the time to write for the WWW campaign.

    It is challenging to be a leader yet you do so with such compassion and fortitude. You are making real progress demonstrating the value for more resources. I like your submission very much and will recommend it to be highlighted for the campaign. I'd love to see you write more.

    Warm Regards,


  • Mauwa Brigitte
    Jun 23, 2014
    Jun 23, 2014

    You deserve flowers for a great job that you made ​​to help women know the new technology and the education of vulnerable children while it constitutes a development of the community. Being leaders: it is carried all the burden on the head, fight jusqu'about, have patience, wisdom, a hard heart to be a true manager.

  • Terry Mullins
    Jul 02, 2014
    Jul 02, 2014

    Dear Alice - thank you for sharing your inspirational story of what technology, and specifically access to the internet, can do to transform the lives of women and girls around the world. You gave such good examples of the ways access to the internet has changed your life. I admire the work you are doing in your country to share your knowledge to improve the lives of girls, women and vulnerable children. The pictures speak 1,000 words!

    In love and peace, Terry