A mother is everything to everyone in especially to those she serves.She can stay all day long just to look for a shilling and when she doesn't succeed she will walk miles to fulfill her desires.Life is a struggle and women know it all they can tell it on the market places as they carry heavy burdens to display on the market and sell whatever they want to.Women are enterprises in almost all fields but some lack education and training.A woman can do more than five things in a day.Recently I went to the market and a woman was selling me green vegetable at the same time she was knitting and operating an mpesa(money transfer bank on phone)It means they can be trained on the internet while on the market and they can sell somethings online when they learn about the internet.Most women who also operate saloons have no time with the Internet for after I interviewed two women who were talented with making women's hair they told me we don't see the use of going to the internet and avoiding to make little money for our daily bread.There I had chance to introduce them to the internet and I have made it a habit of teaching them the internet where they are so that they can be digital and sell out the skills they have through the internet.It also proves they are eager to learn from where they are through mobile campaigns on how to be an internet user.If it took me slowly to learn the use of online it can also happen to the women and girls slowly as they pick up.This is my dream,,my thirst,my hope for women .Even the small girls who have a dream of being entrepreneurs they need the digital skills to be exposed to sell online as they grow up.Economic struggle is all that makes a girl and a woman not to excel for they are vulnerable to life. To have income is to do something and that's why some women can spend the whole day on the market.I also met a woman who has two children on the market the youngest is one month and she had left home by 4.00a.m to go on the market to find her luck.By about 1.00p.m she was still on the market and she had not sold enough to find her transport to go home.She first gets the items on credit sells pays the debt and starts to self to find profit which will be part of her transport.Such a woman cannot find money to go to the internet nor computer training nor buy credit for her phone to access the email on her phone.It is evident that most women lack financial empowerment to access what they want to do which is a challenge and a contributor to many problems.some early marriages are because their was no money for a girls to further studies so she is forced into marriage.In some cultures a woman is meant to be married so when their is lack of fees to be paid in a school men have the chance first than women.Market places need a cyber cafe for a woman who stay all day on the market and the campaign to allow them know the importance of the internet as they buy and sell.

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First I am so impressed by your personal story to carry on to lead your family alone after being abandoned. This happens so often and in my family my grandfather did the same to his wife and 4 kids as well. It was during the 1929 great Depression and there was little to eat as no jobs. You are brave as women are regardless we will do anything to take care of our children.

I'm surprised your church wouldn't allow you to do pastoral work so maybe another church will. You are strong to start your own nonprofit to help other women carry on as you do. We all need to be leaders in our community and family. Since women need to do so many things at once which is called here multi-tasking, it is a necessary challenge. I encourage you to find grants online to maintain your nonprofit and help your family while helping others.

Your story is very touching, I encourage you to continue to drive runs ignorance, closer to the computer tool for self day. It is practice makes perfect, hunt famine in life lest you be problematic for others due to trauma experienced, only to be seeking survival is not easy. Persevere and have a hard heart and it will trace a path that for you.


Thank you so much for sharing your story! I think you explain really well the challenges women face in trying to make enough money for their families. You also highlight really well the strengths that women have, particularly in the many things that they can do in one day! I really commend you for the work you are doing with other women to show them how to use the internet, and how they can use the internet to provide for themselves and their family. I particularly like how you highlight how girls can use the internet to become entrepreneurs - let's dream big for all little girls! I think your idea of setting up internet cafes in market places is a great one - not only have you highlighted some of the challenges women face, but you've also identified their strengths, and solutions. Keep up the great work!

Thank you for sharing your story with us. I agree, if women had cyber cafes they may be able to multitask. But do you think that the women are ready to make this change and learn digital technology such as the internet? Very good job.

Kind Regards, Bina Patel hc Mediate, LLC www.hcmediate.com

Hello Many thanks for your interesting article. I found it particularly exciting to read how you have thought very carefully about what will work for women based on their normal daily life patterns...to take the internet to them makes so much sense instead of making them go to the internet. I wish you all the luck for the future to keep helping these women to feel empowered.

First you need to believe you can Take care Nicola