In partnership with Hack/Hackers House of Light Foundation released booklet “Survival Glossary” Aden - in particular: House of Light Foundation released, in partnership with Hack/Hackers, the “the Survival Glossary” that includes a number of the most essential words that are commonly used in the fields of journalism and internet which is classified as Road Map for both. The booklet comes after an initiative achieved by Hack/Hackers to gather all terms and common words used in both journalism and internet. Then House of Light Foundation translated it into Arabic as it is vitally important to enrich the Arabic content and reinforce Arab journalism. It is important to mention that Hack/Hackers is a group of people in the US ,working to help others make a difference in their world. They do their best to bridge the gap between the two fields (journalism and internet) through illustrating and distributing information and obtaining stories to publish them, while House of Light Foundation is an independent non-governmental organization, that is launched from Aden city and aims to inspire and place a positive social change in the community through finding effective leaderships and build capacities along with development and its demands. For interested people in getting a free copy of booklet, please click this link


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