I've been offered the golden opportunity to join the International Community Advisory Board of World Pulse, a global team united in passion to harness social media to connect and bring a global voice to women worldwide.

The Community Advisory Board consists of 6 members from USA, Bolivia, Nigeria, Cameroon, India and me representing Somalia! If you are a Somali woman and interested in social media, leadership and empowerment, let me know and I will inshAllah add you to the Somalia Mailinglist I've just created. Let us unite our voices as Somali women and be heard!

The Somalia WP members mailing-list will be a place where can connect and share valuable information about how we can contribute to transform Somali women's voices!

Read more about the inaugural launching http://worldpulse.com/node/95874

Love, light and laughter, Sahro Ahmed Koshin, World Pulse Community Board Member Somalia,Somalia

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Thank you for sharing your experience with the Community Advisory Board. We are so privileged to have you join the board and look forward to many insightful thoughts, suggestions and solutions from you and your countrywomen.

In love and peace, Terry

Thank you so much Terry!

So good to hear from you and to be a part of this contagious pulse of the world, of the people. The possibilities are endless when you have a laptop and are online! So much freedom, so much choice, so much power! I look forward to working with you!

More soon.


Founder of the We Are The Generation Of Possibilities Movement #WeAreTheGenerationOfPossibilities #Somalia Twitter: https://twitter.com/sahro WorldPulse Community Advisory Board Member Goodwill Ambassador Globcal at: https://www.facebook.com/301986015

Dear Sahro,

What great news to learn that you are now on the Advisory Board. Also that you are creating a mailing list to connect within your country. Hope is growing everywhere.

With love,


Congratulations dear Sahro and best wishes for the venture . Hope you find ways to tackle the problems of this region. Thanks, Soumya

Best wishes,


Worldpulse Community Champion

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