Introducing myself and my journal: YOU FEEL THE WAY YOU THINK!

Saima Salman
Posted February 11, 2009 from Pakistan

About Me: By profession, I am a Clinical Psychologist - 15 years worth of clinical experience dealing with issues related to adults and child population. My area of interest and passion has always been 'women's issues'! I grew up in pakistan, but from the very beginning everyone could tell that i was 'different' from the rest of the women of my age. I also managed to figure out quiet early in life that i was 'not' one of those 'regular' types! There was a fire in my belly... i questioned a lot more and refused to give in to the usual stuff women were expected to! Fortunately, my parents, being awfully liberal and progress, helped me 'be' who i wanted to be! I knew, i wanted to be a psychologist at 15 - thanks to Dr Albert Ellis (the founder of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy /Cognitive Behavior Therapy) I read one of his books (A guide to Rational Living) and i knew i wanted to go to NYC and i literally asked God to keep him (Dr Ellis) alive till the time i'm ready to go and get trained by him! Believe it or not, he did stay alive till i managed to get trained by him personally and he died just recently! I'm a mover and shaker! I love pulic speaking and making a 'dent' in people's irrational thinking patterns! Coming from a third world country where women are NOT trained to think for themselves - i changed it for those who came into my circle in whatever shape or form! I was the only promotor of divorce - my motto was: "Say NO to sexual and physical Abuse - Life' s too short"! I'm proud to say the 7 of my very close friends got divoced and 5 out of the seven remarried! They refuse to look at divorce as a negative thing.. they started to believe that they can still get a life and move on after getting divorced!

I have been living all over the globe these past 12 years. Lived, studied and worked in Manhattan for the longest time. Moved to france and explored europe for almost a year. I'm currently living in Singapore and exploring women related issues in this part of the world.

I'm very passionate about the things that i believe in.... and i believe you can do no great things - only small things with great love!

My Passions: Motivational Public Speaking and Psychology - teaching people how to refuse to make themselves miserable about anything - YES! ANYTHING!

My Challenges: Helping women to break free from the vicious cycle of guilt, self doubt and self downing

My Vision for the Future: Running Women Empowerment Group and create awarness among as many as possible and train them in a way so that they can become leaders!

My Areas of Expertise: Women empowerment through Cognitive Emotive Work!

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  • Corine Milano
    Feb 11, 2009
    Feb 11, 2009

    Dear Saima,

    Welcome! I loved reading your profile—I too have a fire in my belly. I think you will find that many of the women on PulseWire have the passion you so aptly describe! It's a fabulous community to be a part of. I can truly feel the inspiration and energy of women globally, and it is a powerful, powerful thing!

    I want to encourage you to join and post in the group that a member named Saba recently started called the Pakistsan Cafe.

    You can find it right on PulseWire, here:

    I do hope you'll decide to join! It's not very active yet, but I know it's on it's way!

    All the best, Corine

  • Saima Salman
    Feb 11, 2009
    Feb 11, 2009

    Thanks much for your appreciation... it is truly AMAZING to be here - i'm still trying to remember how did i get here in the first place or what did i click to get to this page? But i'm happy to be here and i know for sure that i'm here for a good reason - nothing happens in life without a reason!

    Thanks for recommending Pakistan Cafe to me - i'm a member now:)

    I'm currently living in singapore but i'm still actively involved with women related issues back home!

    Thanks much again for your comments!

    Cheers, Saima