Despite all attempts to meet the target of the millenium deveolpment goals (MDGs) by 2015 of improving health care and reducing maternal mortality, the road to meeting the set target is still very rough and crooked. Many women are still dying during child birth due to inadequate health care facilities and personnel in developing countries in which Nigeria belong. Not too long ago our friend died while having a ceasarian section in one of the private hospitals here in Nigeria. Aisha had two kids before the last one which took her live, to the best of my knowledge she has undergone two ceasarian sections. And I gathered from a friend after Aisha’s death that she had been warned by the Doctor not to get pregnant any more after the third pregnancy. She went ahead and got pregnant for the forth time, and initially she was attending a government hospital for her anti-natal clinic, but due lack of enough Doctors which as a result keep her at the hospital for hours led her to change hospital to a private hospital. We learnt that after having gone through labour pains for two days, the Doctor decided to operate on her. But due to epilectic power supply that we are used to in Nigeria. Aisha was in the theatre when almighty PHCN (NEPA) the body that is responsible for power generation and distribution in Nigeria as usual interrupted power supply. And because the hospital does not have a good alternative power supply, she died while she was being operated upon at the mushroom hospital. If our government had put in place the necessary facilities for the provision of health care delivery system. Aisha would not have patronised that kind of hospital, if government had provided scholarship for the children of the poor and managed the educational sector, more people would have studied medcine and health related courses, which translates to having more personnel in the health sector. Many women and children have died and are still dying to lack of facilities due to high rate of corruption running in the veins of our leaders in Africa. If something is urgent is not done about it our women and children would continue to die day in day out.

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I agree that the urgency of stopping women's suffering when we have the science and the means to do better is lost on so many people in power. The shame of maternal mortality after these many centuries of so-called progress shows that there is no such thing as trickle-down capitalist prosperity for all. The governments in the western world which were supposed to help with the MDGs are in cahoots with their industries which turn a blind eye to corruption and invest with crooked political leaders who help them take part of the pie. What is the solution? How much can NGOs do, when they struggle for money themselves?

Even with the best medical doctors and nurses and all the money in the world. It is still a serious thing when it comes to having babys. I wish every woman of child bearing age had all resources and knowledge and help with pregnancy and giving birth and raising babies. It is a lot of work and thats why people and family are always around for you.

With Love!!

the vast disparity between the amenities available to women in the "first world" & women of "lesser developed nations" is saddening as we are all living in the same time. Science & Technology which has always made us believe it is creating new avenues for the betterment of the human condition as a homogenous whole still remains the stronghold of the wealthy & powerful be it nations on a macro level or persons on a micro level. That a woman had to die from a caesarian, & not due to unanticipated natural complications in this day & age puts this current age to shame. Such a thing would be unheard of in the antiseptic, systematic, developed cities of the Western world. The disparity is gaping & needs to be levelled at the same rate at which Science keeps racing ahead claiming to be making discoveries for everyone but benefitting only the rich & powerful.

Start adding humanity to your science, politics, technology...use it to neutralize your warfare so that resources can be used for more important things than promoting killing & death - like nurturing life old & new & the living of it.

Your narration is very sad. I have always thought Nigeria was an industrialised country despite of the political turmoils they keep on experiencing. Corruption has eaten the leaders of Africa and made us much more poorer than before. Since women are the majority in many nations it is time for us to stand with one voice and educate our sisters and fight some of the ills we forever face. Culture sometimes denies the woman power to make choices about whether to give birth or not especially when families are looking for a boy. This has led to many women losing their lives because of this limited knowledge about who is the sex determinant.

Oh Oh Oh!!! Let us wake up women and make changes in our lives and communities. We cannot wait for the government because many of the leaders are men and do not understand the challenges women face. May God rest her soul in peace.

Amen and thanks for your comment Carole. Yes i agree with you that women must wake up from their slumber and make changes hence our goverment can no longer do it alone. We have started now by voicing out and from their we would surely swing into action. not just talking.

This is very sad, I want to encourage our women especially in Nigeria to always go to the government hospital for treatment. The private clinics are all after money and they are wasting lives. It is time now for Nigerin government to look into the private hospitals in the country. and make sure they satisfy the necessary requirements before they are allowed to open to the public and as many of them that are below standard should be closed down.

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Dear Amen,

I think awareness will be an effective way to educate people. As you have mentioned that the doctor told her not to give birth after dat also she tried to gave a birth to another child. So Please we all need to rise our voice for awareness isn't it? Sunita

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet

Dear Sunita,

Thanks for your comment, we really need awareness because my friend took a big risk by becoming pregnant for the fourth time. She tried to do what her elder sister did, because her sister actually went through caesarian section for three times and she was adviced not to give birth again. but alas after Doctor's advice she had four children which made it seven visits to the labour room.

Therefore women need to be sensitised not to put themselves into danger all in the name of having children, they need to consider the health implication of bearing more children after going through ceasarian section three times.


This world is so unbalanced. The unbalance is between 'need' and 'greed'. We live in a world that has the resources and ability to balance this imbalance. Yet the men who hold power just don't care, because they are the ones who worship the god of greed. They spend trillions of dollars on things no one really needs. It's not just America, it's the major portion of the world that does this. If they would just stop spending all the money on wars, they could forfill the needs everyone deserves. It's senseless! The world is run by fools who wear silk suits and treat their pets better than the people in need. Why can't any of these so called world rulers see we were all born equal? All people worldwide should be what is important. Yet these so called intelligent world leaders show the intelligence they supposedly have. They are not intelligent, they are greedy. Greed is a mental disease. By doing what they do, they prove they have no right to rule. They spend the money of the world on things like games and toys for themselves, expensive cars, fancy clothes, trips around the world, the list is endless. And not one of them care. I am ashamed of the world and the way it is. I hate it. I am so sorry that she died having a simple ceasarian section, yet that is just one story among millions. The state of injustice stinks to high heaven. The wars will go on, and the deaths will continue. The injustice will kill us all in the end:(