Say NO to Cyber Bullying

Salma Malik
Posted March 14, 2019 from Pakistan

It was a sunny day in last year when Sadia got a friend request at her Facebook by a man named, Rauf. In the beginning, he behaved like a gentleman. Time passed. After one month, Rauf approached her with a humble request that he has lost his wife and want to get second marriage for his daughter who is suffering from mental illness due to her mother's death.

Sadia decided to meet her daughter and finally the day came when she met her daughter, his daughter Hiba was so beautiful and innocent that she got Sadia's all attraction. Rauf was continuously sharing his all family photographs to get her confidence. It was a rainy day of January , when Rauf approached her again and offered  for a dinner at his house as he added that his Daughter is weeping and she is the one who can make her happy. So, she agreed to him and asked him that he can come to pick her.

It was 8 PM when he reached at her gate to pick . Sadia moved out from the house and went to his house in his car to make his daughter happy. But when they moved from gate, she noticed that that Rauf was not taking her to his house. When she asked several times, he added that me and my daughter has a surprise for you at the hotel. Sadia was agreed and was thinking about that particular surprise but that surprise came with the destruction of her honor and everything.

In that particular night, he was there only to fulfill his lusty desires. He was fully drunken too. He forcefully destroyed her honor. Sadia added that, " I was so depressed as I was not able to share this with anyone as  I am living in a tribal area where women is not suppose to talk about her rights and in this particular case, everyone was going to blame me for that and at the end, I had to lost my life by my own family in 'HONOR KILLING'. So only option was to keep quiet and ask the man to get marriage as soon as possible as most of the eastern girls do. I was suffering from mental torture and more painful was that I was not able to share my story with anyone".

On week passed. One day, she was sitting in my garden when she  received some threatening message from one of Rauf's very close friend who was a senior Government official. He sent her own pictures which she shared with Rauf once. He asked her that at any cost, he wants relations with her otherwise he will publish her photos and also will send to her family. As I mentioned earlier, Sadia is from a very orthodox family where woman is just like a slave.

He was continuously sending her messages and her pictures. She was already too much upset. This added fuel to the fire. After this, she was unable to see/talk anyone and  decided to commit suicide. She started requesting both men for mercy but they were continuously black mailing her.

Next day, when she fully made her mind for suicide, suddenly through searching on laptop, she came across a post from World Pulse where she saw a story which were little bit similar to my case. It was about encouragement and support for woman. Sadia added that, " I got too encouraged from the post that I decided to live and stand for my honor and also work to make other such victim woman powerful and courageous to fight against the evil" .

She stood up and faced both brutal friends who were running after her chastity. She gathered courage and started raising her voice at social media against cyber bulling and harassment and finally, on this international women day,  she has launched ' Legal Assistance Cell for Cyber Crime and now proud fully she can say that she is strong enough to work globally for women rights and save 'HER' honor.

I appeared on 8th March, 2019 with a strong practical step to defeat all such men who are intended to DESTROY OUR HONOR.






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Mar 14
Mar 14

Hi Salma,

Thanks so much sharing Sadia's sad but inspiring story. That's amazing that she saw a World Pulse post and it totally turned her life around. Do you have her organization's social media page(s), or website, so I can follow her? Is she on World Pulse now?

Dawn Arteaga
Mar 14
Mar 14

Wow this story is so moving, thank you so much for sharing. World Pulse is so powerful because of the women who boldly tell their stories and openly and honestly share. Thank you for making that possible for Sadia and for all the women out there just like her.

Corine Milano
Mar 14
Mar 14

Salma, wow! Thank you for sharing this amazing story. I am so moved by the impact one story had on Sadia - and by your work, and her work, against cyber bullying. I am curious which story had such impact on her. I would love for the World Pulse sister who wrote it to know the change she has created in another's life!

Hello, Salma,

I have mixed emotions while reading Sadia’s story. At first, I was sad that she was tricked, and mad because she was cyberbullied. But I had goosebumps when she was at the deciding point of ending her life, she found World Pulse. Wow! What a miracle!

Now, I am happy that you and Sadia are both here and are advocating against cyberbullying. What a powerful story!

Thank you for sharing!

Theresa Takafuma
Mar 15
Mar 15

Hi Salma
Thank you for sharing this inspiring story. Truly, change starts with a story. So glad Sadia decided to take action. Thank you.

Mar 15
Mar 15
Lilfairtrade Shop
Mar 16
Mar 16

Hello Salma,

Assalaam Alaikum peace and blessings,

Thank you and Jazak'Allah Khairan for sharing Sadia's story.
I'm so relieved to hear she has become an advocate for cyber bullying after her own experiences.

I'm sure we would all love to see the amazing work she is currently participating in.
Is there a website or link we could view and read about her work?

Best regards
Love peace and blessings
Walaikum Assalaam

Obisakin Busayo
Mar 17
Mar 17

So sad and moving story. Thank you for sharing with us. I am so encouraged by her strong move to stand up against cyberbully. And she also find World Pulse where she can raise her voice against cyberbully. Please if she is on World Pulse now we will like to follow her and encourage her the more that she has the backing of her Sisters round the world to keep her flag flying in her campaign against this menace cyberbully