The Dangers of Plastic

Sampaguita Flores
Posted September 25, 2010 from Philippines
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These days almost all over the land, malls have their 3-day sale. This is to give way to the new season items to be change, that is why the stores have to have sales. The stores in the mall will have new items for the Christmas season. Inventory sales have big discounts and people are really shopping in their money's worth.

In these sale, my mother is shopping a lot. More items to shop, more trash in the house. She went to buy this clear plastic containers for storage. She justified that we have plenty of things that has to be contained and also seen in order to know what is inside. Before, she was shopping for Tupperware for our usage and so many of these items. This time, Touch Box that will be seen in the house.

My late father, however, loves to buy anything promotional plastic containers. When we moved to Las Pinas from Manila, my parents decided not to bring anymore those plastic containers. We gave them to my relatives. Maybe they noticed that they cannot breath on those plastics.

Speaking of plastics, we can see them everywhere. You could see them in your house, in the workplace, market places, entertainment places and in other words, everywhere. A plastic is a synthetic material and composed of toxic chemicals. According to the that word plastic is derived from the Greek words plastickos meaning capable of being shaped or molded and plastos meaning molded. In the Philippine context according to that Plastik from the word plastic meaning hyprocrite, pretender or phony. As I have said earlier that they are everywhere.

As I leave this quote from that from "Plastic is being a non-biodegradable substance and one of the major toxic pollutants of our time."

"Say no to plastic whenever or wherever you can."

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