It struck the statement to me: " Violence against women remains widespread across the world, exacerbated by traditions and customary practices that determine the way women are treated in families, places of work and communities, according to a United Nations report unveiled last week." (Reference: )

It also says that: “In all societies, to a greater or lesser degree, women and girls are subjected to physical, sexual, and psychological abuse that cuts across lines of income, class, and culture. The low social and economic status of women can be both a cause and a consequence of this violence,” the report, whose release coincided with the first-ever UN World Statistics Day, notes."

Here in the Philippines, I may say that in some sectors of society and most Filipino women are still experiencing the double standard stereo-typed. This is true, however, with the trend of Women empowerment, Filipino tries to exercise their rights at home, at school, at work and within the society for gender equality.

Unfortunately, I researched and being updated on our OFW women working abroad that they are experiencing such abuse from their working environment especially racial discrimination. This is very sad and quite frustrating. I experienced such discrimination when I visited around Asia, when I graduated from high school almost decades ago. Still, the treatment is the same especially to Filipino women, they always assumed that all of us are Domestic Helpers and low-class entertainers or worst in women sex-slave trafficking.

There is still hope where society are trying to heal the wounds and moving forward for providing the continuous needs of such services for women who are in a state of traumatic violent. Praying for the best for women across the world.