I'm Coming Out!!!

Sampaguita Flores
Posted October 23, 2010 from Philippines

People say that at the end of October will have a Halloween celebration. This is the time to have a trick or treat fun to the children all over the world.

My friends in Music will be having a kind the Halloween costume party of get together but no scary costumes but cute happy ones, going back as a child again. This will be my first time to be in character with my Raffy. Thus, I will be coming out of my world, back to my friends again.

It was a blast and a sweet surprise for all. Thank you Maydee and family, Rhonnie, Ate Ricci with Zoe, Mines and family, Margaux and Kits. So plenty of food to eat and dessert / sweets. The WIFI, our games with prizes and sining our lungs out at the Wow videoke. I miss myself being me surrounded by you guys with our same interests which is music.

I am back where I belong where my friends and I could relate the most. My friends, batch mates of the music people and that we have something in common is that we really love music. Make it singing, playing some music and just hanging out there. I could be myself around them because they understand me and that they have accepted me of who I am even if I am senior to them. Also, grateful that they accepted my Raffy into our gatherings. For that I am very thankful.

I will always remember our Halloween get together yesterday especially I won the Halloween costume contest and memorable games like "what's in the diaper?" (yuck!!!) , pictionary (where our Chucka Dolls won over Jijimons) and Test your Memory game. Grand winner is the Chucka Dolls -- us of Mines, me and Raffy.

Of course, I will remember the food such as the Carbonara cooked by Rhonnie, the cupcakes in the cone and Apple cake (Rhonnie with Ate Ricci and Zoie), Chocolate Fondue (Rhonnie and Margaux), Pizza (courtesy from Mines bought from Yellow Cab) and Kits (I think the Cookies and Cream ice cream). I brought Sparkling wine and Raffy hehehe :)

Raffy and I are so happy and really appreciate the friendships that we have with all of you. Happy sem-break to you guys except me because ours will be next week.

Happy Halloween to everyone.

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