me and Raffy
  • me and Raffy

I am very grateful that I am still alive and breathing. I know that I still have to do God's plan for me. As I wake up this morning, I feel so happy especially because of yesterday's event. I am still in cloud 9. Just stay happy, my readers.

I know that there will be problems in life. Problems will be there as a challenge. God will not just give you problems that He knows that you will not handle it. Prayer is really powerful. Have faith and everything will be alright.

Life is good and too short. Encountering people with our good intentions will provide us happiness that we cannot dream off. I believe that thinking positively is important especially to people we encounter daily.

Seeing my friends in our little get together gathering is really a blast. Plus factor is that I saw how happy my Raffy, my Quasimodo (hehehe) is with my them. While, discovering each other every day both in good times and bad times. I am happy that Raffy found me and soon we will be together forever.

Stay happy and share your happiness to others, it won't hurt you. Smile always.

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Dear Sampaguita, I can hear the voice of someone in love. Someone who appreciates life and people. Someone who shares her happy moments with others. Someone whose smiles encourage a whole lot of people. Sampaguita do enjoy every moment because in the "bad" times you'll find the goodness if you look again. Wishing you and yours the very best of life


Thank you so much for a lovely poetry, It brings such inspiration to me. In my quest to continue sharing moments, I really appreciate your comments.

Yes, I am in-love and thinking positively, Into others and around me contentedly. With God beside me and to the people I love, In our writings to share freely like a dove.

Many thanks and best regards, Sampy