I took a peak at this website of www.femalenetwork.com. Looking for articles about Women. Thus, I came up and got hook on this quiz. "Are you a high-maintenance girlfriend?"

It is quite interesting and very curious about the results in answering 10 questions. The reference is at the bottom. Check out the site. Just wanted to share my quiz results below.

Quiz Result:

You’ve got the best of both worlds—the polish of the princesses and the gung-ho attitude of the girls-next-door. You’re understanding and accommodating when your man makes mistakes, but don’t hesitate to lecture him when he’s done something you disapprove of. While you do succumb to frustration once in a while, you’re mostly able to keep your temper (and ego) in check. Your boyfriend’s lucky to be with you—your relationship, for the most part, strikes a perfect balance.

Reference: http://www.femalenetwork.com/sex-relationships/quizzes/are-you-a-high-ma...

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On my first go I got the same one too... It is possible to get 3 different sets of answers. I wonder how many variations can be achieved.

Cool :-) Amei