I love to see the sunset in the Manila Bay. It is one of the tourist attraction here in the Philippines. It is one of the world finest. It is always a breath taking experience to look at. Most of all its free.

Nature always provides us the pleasure to stop and appreciate the simple things in life. Sunset is an experience that it is the end of the day and the start of the evening to come. Then, tomorrow is another day. Problems and stress may come and these are all challenges in life. Life is a mystery but we can experience it to the fullest in saying that we have lived.

The history of the Battle of Manila Bay was set in the World War II between the Americans and the Japanese. The Philippines became their battle ground. There are Filipinos who were captured from Corregidor Islands to Bataan until the Death March of 1942.

Today, Manila Bay is one of the important commerce and industry which includes fishing. The decline of water quality though is very alarming, as well as, it is considered a "Dead Bay" and the threatening survival of the marine life due to the rapid urban industrialization around. However, it serves as a recreational popular destinations for walks and of course, the view of the famous sunset from Luneta, Bay Walk until the Mall of Asia.

If you have the chance, experience the view of the sunset at the Manila Bay. See you there.

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I can see why you're so proud of this amazing spot, Sampaguita. Thanks for including the information about risks to the marine life. If we're not good stewards of these special places, someday they may not be here for us... or we might not be here to enjoy them. Then again, as you say, today ends and tomorrow is another day... another chance.

Sunset is my favorite time of day, thank you for reminding me why with this beautiful photo.