You Can't PLEASE Everyone

Sampaguita Flores
Posted November 4, 2010 from Philippines
The Man, The Boy and The Donkey
The Man, The Boy and The Donkey
The Man, The Boy and The Donkey (1/1)

Remembering this fable from Aesop's Fables: The Man, The Boy and The Donkey. Especially in the end of the story, you will be reading this quote, "“Please all, and you will please none.” (

It has been said all throughout history. People are still striving their very best to please everyone. Eventually, they will please none. However, it is not really pleasing the people around you but the question is that, "Are you happy now?"

In life you are doing this and that. Trying to achieve your goals and dreams in life. Facing life's challenges in moving on even if sometimes it is beyond your control. Still, the question you have to face that of being contented.

There are inspirational books, self help books and books that could improve of way of life, even reading the Bible. Searching the ultimate meaning of life in fulfilling our destiny. But, the bottom line is the question of happiness.

I am now happy writing into my blogs where I could express myself. There are tons of ideas into my head from as far as I could remember. Subjects, themes and topics under the sun. This is not new anymore. Having a new perspective towards life is constantly changing.

Accepting the fact that I can't please everyone especially of what I am doing with my life right now. I am happy with the simple pleasures of it such as Raffy is there with me which he often times give his support. My mama is still alive for guiding me in my roles in life. Still have work as a teacher which I share my learnings towards my students. Basically, I am still breathing alive, eating and hoping for the best to come.

Have a nice life everyone.

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