• Ploning

Ploning is a romantic family drama film directed by Dante Nico Garcia in 2008. Ploning the title role is starred by Judy Ann Santos. This film is entirely shot at Cuyo, Palawan, Philippines.

The story is based on a popular Cuyonon song of the same title about a girl's hidden feelings in a man's point of view. (Reference:

A Taiwanese fisherman is in search for Ploning in Cuyo. Ploning is known in the island and she remained a mystery. In the revelation of the film, Ploning felt heartbroken from a man named Tomas, who decided to go to Manila. Ploning tended her life to move on and occupy herself to the people who needs her like her family and friends. Eventually, she decided to look for her Tomas in Manila.

A young boy named Digo is very much fond of Ploning's company. He has an older brother and a mother who is a bed-ridden. Upon Ploning's decision to leave Cuyo for Manila because of her love in search for Tomas in Manila. One rainy day at the town fiesta, Digo disappeared from the sea.

At the end of the film, this Taiwanese fisherman is actually Digo in search for Ploning and the people he once knew. The story of Ploning from her nurse friend Celeste. She did not left Cuyo, Palawan. While Digo is reunited with his older brother.

It is a story like no other. I wanted to know what happened to Ploning in the movie. While, happy to know that Digo lives from that rainy day of the fiesta. I really liked about the film is the simple life in Cuyo, Palawan like fishing, salt making and making sweet cashew nuts as a delicacy. The cinematography provides a breathing view of the island from the beach and the land itself. A typical simple life in the province.

Watch this film so that you will see the beautiful scenery of Cuyo, Palawan. Enjoy