• Ralph

April 17, 2011 -- Ralph been having his piano lessons with me for almost 4 months. It is just a once a week lesson in an hour. He can now play Happy Birthday and London Bridge in memory with the right hand fingering. He has two piano beginner's books in piano in his lesson. He is focused in one hour piano lesson. He is my SPED or special education child under my care during his piano lessons. In my diagnostic, Ralph is either Autistic or ADHD. He is 9 years old, but his mental age is 5.

He came to me 2 years ago with his parents and explaining me the situation. At that time, Ralph is not yet ready for piano lessons. And now, he is focused and a fast learner in our piano lessons. However, he dislikes repetition. But, I am his piano teacher and he practiced playing his lessons over and over again. Kids like Ralph has to have constant activities and he knows that he will be having his piano lessons next week at the same time and place.

My teaching methods is very unorthodox in the special case of Ralph. We have lessons in relaxation and body coordination. You could see it in his eyes that he likes the activities for him. He loves to play the piano. At this time, he plays either the right or the left hand only.

I am proud of my student Ralph in continuing his piano lessons to me. I will see him again next week and every week.