The biggest mistake human can make is underestimating herself/ himself. And the biggest barrier to empowering women is that, the unbelievably empowered creatures on earth can’t see or feel their power. How heartbreaking!!! You would never underestimate the power to produce, would you? Ladies, think of a world without us. Can you see any future? Well I can see. The future is the end of the mankind. There can never be mankind without women. I have seen women being tortured by their husbands. I knew someone who had to go through this torturous situation when she was pregnant. In spite of her pregnancy, that monster didn't spare her. But when I asked her why don’t you leave him, you know what she said? She told “where else should I go? Who will take care of my baby?” I can’t believe, this girl was depending on someone with her child, who didn't care at all for his unborn baby. He didn't even think that after being beaten up so badly, the baby in the womb can get hurt or even miscarried. The woman I’m talking about used to work at our place. She used to earn enough to take care of her needs. She was always a smiling face to me. Whenever I used to look at her I felt good. But after she got married, she looked horrifying. I asked her about it. But she always used to change the topic or make fun of my question. I thought maybe I was wrong. But when I saw the marks on her hands and face, I understood things were much worse than I thought. I feel bad for her. She didn't even let us complain to the police. I don’t understand what she thinks of this bastard. He is the king of the world!! He has got all the power to ruin someone’s life winking an eye!! And what she thinks of herself?? A powerless creature, which has to survive with the help and kindness of that man? I have never supported separation. But I can never support abuse as well. The only reason I couldn't help her was she never could gather enough courage to stand for herself. She underestimated her power as a human. It is essential for all of us to understand our importance. God needs both men and women to continue His creation. So please, stop underestimating yourselves.

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Dear Samia,

Thank you for writing this and drawing our attention to what is, truly, a heartbreaking epidemic of women not realizing their power. Your post makes me question what it is in some women who have been in abusive relationships that allows them to recognize their value and stop underestimating themselves. Why do some finally leave and some stay? What breaks the cycle? Knowing that we are not alone with our suffering surely helps...understanding that we don't have to live in isolation and shame, that we aren't "defective," that others love and care for us just as we are.

We can't give up on each other. We must continue to stay involved and available to our friends who are being abused and let them know we care. You must be so saddened and frustrated seeing your friend continue to subject herself to this torturous relationship, helpless to save her. Yet the concern and kindness you have shown her are a life-line to her and it is possible that she will gather strength from the power of this love to finally make a break, difficult as that may be.

I have a friend who mustered up this courage after more than 20 years of abuse and is finally doing the work of discovering who she is and what she wants. She is de-toxing. Coming to life. It is truly inspiring to witness. We must never give up on each other!

Thank you for fighting for your sisters' freedom and encouraging us all to come into our power as human beings. May we all recognize ourselves to be the "unbelievably empowered creatures" we are!

With love,


______________________________________________________________________________ "I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being." -Hafiz

Hey Susan,

Thanks for trying to understand my point. :)

I believe, one of the main reasons why women in abusive relationships, not understanding their values is, they do not educate themselves. By educating I mean they don’t communicate with other ladies and learn how they got over their abusers. For example, if you want to do a new thing, you got to know how to do it. You may need to have someone as a role model in front of you. So communication is essential. But again, these ladies need to have enough options to communicate with others. I know there are families, who restrict women from meeting unknown people. Here comes determination. If anyone is abused, it’s an unconditional requirement of having the determination to get rid of the abuse. The motto is “help yourself, you will be helped by others”. The first step to get rid of the situation has to be taken by the person who is being abused. God has given this life to live, not to suffer. These ladies need to realize this.

Thanks again... Samia

Life is good. Its up to you to make it better.

Hi Samia,

Thanks for your reply. I agree that communication is essential and having opportunities to learn from each other. Unfortunately so many women who are abused live in such isolation and are too ashamed to share themselves with others. This is one of the things that makes World Pulse so great (for women who have access to the internet). They can read accounts from others who have escaped the prison of their abusive relationship and found freedom and be inspired to do likewise. I also agree that the self-love and determination must come from within, but of course it helps an awful lot to have others reach out to us and show us they care.

Peace, Susan

______________________________________________________________________________ "I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being." -Hafiz