Let me quote a news first.. “A 20-year-old housewife has allegedly been beaten to death by her husband for giving birth to a female child at Betgara village under Gobindaganj upazila in Gaibandha” Horrific! Right? Just imagine after the long struggle of nine to ten months, a mother couldn't even live to cherish her baby, couldn't hold her baby, couldn't see it grow, couldn't whisper in its ear “I love you”. And it was not anyone else or anything else that killed her. It’s her husband. It’s the man who promised to take care of her. This is how he cared! Wonderful! My father loves me. At times he was harsh, still can’t actually complain as those were needed. I had a relatively stable childhood. I had problems and faced abuses, but those were never too much to make me unstable. And now, when I read these stories, I understand how lucky I had been. Every child is precious, boy or girl. I firmly believe education is a vital part to improve the condition. It’s vital that the entire process of determining the gender of a baby is explained to the male partner. He needs to understand the woman he married doesn't have the option to determine the baby’s gender. She has to depend on her partner. So blaming her or killing her won’t help him get a boy. There are cases of people throwing their baby girls (alive) in ponds or rivers; just to get rid of the so called “BURDEN” they consider they have. It’s gruesome. The insecurity is a major problem here. A number of cases reveal, fathers consider their baby daughters as expenses. The point surfaces in maximum cases is- a boy can look after the parents in older age, whereas a girl has to be married off. So the girl eventually won’t be able to look after the parents. There are some, who think about the financial aspect as well. They think the expenses done for a girl child can never be returned. But again, the same parents tend to seek dowry when getting their sons married, pressurizing the bride’s family. And except some exceptions the spineless sons learn these attitudes from the parents and act in the same way. These people are in a loop which is difficult to break free. The social system needs to be reformed here.

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I very much agree that education needs to address and promote the lessons you write about. I believe that men teaching men would be a very powerful method in doing so. I would imagine that a grown man would be more inclined to change his opinions when being educated from someone of his same gender and similar background. The framing of this of this education model could result in a ripple effect of change. It is so sad that this sort of violence is occurring when it can be prevented. Things need to change and they need to change now!

I found a few articles (see links) that you and other World Pulse members might be interested in reading about the inclusion of men in this field: http://www.care.org/sites/default/files/documents/2009-SII-Womens-Empowe... http://mensresourcesinternational.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/MRI-Con...

I'd love your input, critiques, suggestions, etc.

Thank you for sharing, Ashley

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Ashtiana- I have appreciated reading your thoughtful replies to various posts. Posting resource links is so helpful and appreciated. You are an example of leadership for us all!

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Ya Ashley.. Helpful links, I must say. I'm sorry for the late reply.. I appreciate your comment and the resource links... Thanks again.. :)

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