I belong to undeveloped small city of Pakistan Quetta having big hopes and dreams. My Father managed to get me the best education till school and then my father retired and from lavished life we ended up in having financial constraints and he couldn’t afford to educate me any more. My elder sisters paid for my education till a level after that I got a job my self, continued my education completed my masters in journalism recently with distinction.

The present situation in my province Balochistan is a conflict between Baloch nationalists and the Government of Pakistan over Balochistan, the country's largest province is politically unstable there is a combat going on. There are different agitator parties which are the formed by the Baloch locals of the place and consider the non “Blaochs” as settlers. There are massive target killings, bomb blast terror,mutilated corpses bearing the signs of torture keep turning up all over Balochistan especially in Quetta it is at extreme living in such an environment knowing that i ll be killed some day brutally is the thought I go out everyday with.

In the prevailing situation my family was reluctant for me to go to university. I was always terrified and confused when I was in university I went to a famous local NGO for a job interview and I was asked if I was a settler and didn’t get the job because I was not a Baloch. This fear and complex of not being a Baloch tainted my personality Ii always found me unfit and out caster till one day my favorite female teacher Proffesor Nazima Talib was killed because she was a non local it changed my life completely. That was it I decided I will fight my fears and will never be petrified again I ll come out and be something and speak for the brutalities in my province. I was not allowed to go to uni any more but I studied at home harder I joined university later completed my education and got 2nd position in journalism in all over Balochistan.

Majority of my class mates applied for scholarships and some lucky ones got them and went abroad i cannot apply due to my family responsibilities a friend of mine introduced me about pulse wire and I joined it. I have learned a lot in pulse wire and it will improve my knowledge and it will quench my thirst to be a better journalist and help me being part of the world not an “out caster”.

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This is a heart touching story and my prayer is that you wont end up dead cos we need you to change something in our life time. your story has left me thinking about what a lot of people are facing there as "settler". I wish you the best!

I repeat Ify's words saying your story is very touching.

You see, despite adversities and dramatic events you made it through. You were given special eyes to appreciate beauty in the world and human beings, and you seem ready to fight to preserve it.

The beauty and strength in your soul are your best weapons: transform them in words and voice.

No more room for fear, here you can feel home.


stay blessed


Dear Sana,

I am inspired by your courage that you have shown both in your life and in your writing. I am sure it is really tough living in a place you grew up in and not feel a sense of belonging due to some people's actions. It is indeed tragic, what is going on with people like your Professor. But this struggle has to be passed on and I am happy to hear that you completed your education in journalism.

Keep on writing and stay safe! Best wishes.

Iffat Gill

Dear all,

Hope is all we have left due to the prevailng situaton of the province, pulswire has oppened a door for me to intercat with great people like you all. I am happy and exited that my voice is being heard and people like you all are encouraging my fight to settle in. Thank you all for your support.

Sana Arzak

Great piece! I really am glad that I got to hear your story! Keep telling your story and fighting for the rights of all people. I am extremely glad that you were able to finish your education and hope that Pulsewire can help you present your voice on a large scale.

Great job!


Hi Sana,

Your story is very inspirational and I believe you are a role model to other women in your position! And I commend you for coming to World Pulse to share your story and connect with a more global community. I believe you are a true fighter for people's rights and I know you will go far. I wish you nothing but the best and I really hope to continue reading your posts! :-)

"I embrace emerging experience. I am a butterfly. Not a butterfly collector." - Stafford

Hi there,

I am greatful for your encouraging comments, pulse wire has given me huge exposure and i know women issues will be hightlighted of my community and will get some soloutions from all experts like you.

best wishes


Dear Sana, This is a powerful story, and your personality really shines through as a strong woman who stands up for what you believe in. You really are inspirational and I think very courageous considering the circumstances that you live in. I am fortunate to live in a society in which sticking up for my opinions and identity is usually a safe thing to do, and I cannot imagine if I would be the same person if I lived in an environment in which it was dangerous to stand up for what I believe in. I commend you for pushing aside your fears and working at problems that are so much bigger than one person's life, or a generation, or a couple generations. Issues of identity are at the heart of so many conflicts and problems in the world. The brutality that occurs as a result, enforces a culture of fear and trauma that gets passed down for generations. I wonder what your ideas are on how people can heal from such wounds, so that feelings of revenge and hate are not passed down to future generations and instead possibly a new identity can take shape in which all residents can work to build a life that is free of fear?

Mary Magellan