My personal vision of life is to live the day as there will be no tomorrow, enjoy life to its fullest. In every moment, there is a memory; a cache that will never show again. The seemingly small moments can be some of the most important treasures. A hug, chuckle, party, quiet times, an adventure with my husband family and friends, these times and these moments embrace my life’s personal vision. It takes me on the greatest path and a wondrous journey cherishing each precious moment and preserving in mind perpetually.

My ideas for my community is that every women should live life to its fullest, my vision is to give voice to the marginalized women of my province Balochistan and endow the mistreated women to reach their divine potential by provoking the skill and creativity within them. This will be accomplished by writing articles, columns, books, blogs, using web 2.0 and platforms like pulse wire and by conducting capacity building workshops, seminars and conducting researches on the prevailing issues faced by women in Balochistan.

Women in Balochistan are suppressed and tortured, deprived of their rights, everyday killings have made the women paranoid, and they feel hopeless and miserable. I wan t to be their hope, I want to strive their existing abilities, finding their feminine intellect and creativity and fighting all fears and suppressions to make them shine out and reach the top. I would like to soften the blow that life manages to hand out to those who persist in doing things the hard way. I would like to show the women how to pick themselves up and dust themselves off when they fall. The sky is the limit and if we reach for the moon, we will most definitely land on a star. Share with them my vision of life to dance, to sing, to never be afraid of any challenges. To treat every opportunity as if it were that of a lifetime, to tackle the smallest to the largest challenge or goals as if there is no tomorrow.

I wish to see the world with women getting their rights, fearing no violence, world with gender neutrality will be a more peaceful and gifted place to live in. It is a very complex thing to imagine but it is definitely not impossible. This phenomenon might take decades to be globally recognized, but if we keep on striving we will acquire our goal for sure.

By becoming a correspondent I will able to holler my voice to the world. Having my own mentor will enhance my journalistic abilities, frequent encouragement and valuable guidance will boost up my morals, polish my writing, and hence it will enlighten the writer in me. Pulse wire will help me get the education and expertise that I wish to achieve; usage of web 2.0, digital film making, and a great mentor is what a journalist in me craves for. It will be the guiding path. Being a correspondent of VOF 2011 will lead me on a road to success, taking me on an exhilarating voyage where I will be telling women around the world about the problems of my community and sharing their. It will help propagate my vision because the plight of women in Balochistan will be shared and, by pulse wire it will be heard all over the world.

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I wan t to be their hope, I want to strive their existing abilities, finding their feminine intellect and creativity and fighting all fears and suppressions to make them shine out and reach the top.<<<< That is a great vision. thanks for sharing.

I read your article then went to read your profile and it was blank...We would really like to know more about you...please feel in your profile...:-)



A candle looses nothing my lighting another

And the news is not good for those who long for a world without fear. I hope you are safe. Your voice is an important one for the women of Balochistan! Thank you for sharing this vision. Johanna

Your article is so inspiring!

Your vision is beautiful and I hope you someday see your dreams achieved. I am rooting for you and the women of your community and I wish you all the best!


Hi Sana,

I just love this pic.

It represents so much visually, without even needing words.

Thank you so much for sharing this.

Would it be cool to use it, or is it personal?????

love, joya

Thank you all for appreciating my article, yes the current situation of Quetta where i live is very dismal but we still have hope that it will change some day