Posted May 14, 2012 from Sri Lanka


Is he your friend? How close he is? What do you really expect from a friend? Selecting a friend is not an easy task. He is a friend that ready to listen to you when ever you need someone to talk and a friend that you feel like sharing your happiness and sorrows. It does not really matter whether you trust him or not but believe me he trusted me all these years so I can say that he is worth a friend. You can think of thousands of qualities of a friend. Forget your friends for a moment think of ‘humans’ You always like to think only the positive side of them especially about your friends. But in reality is that possible to expect your friends to be hundred percent loyal and trust worthy. NO! WHY? I believe that is because the ‘friends’ if you like to name them or give a tag are human creatures. This Ganesh, my friend is human in many ways because he understands me better. I talked to him endlessly I am unstoppable woman since my child hood. When ever there is no one to talk to I talk to him. He loves music, dance, he thinks and decides too faster than me. I can say that sometimes he is too quick. He lives everywhere and is a good friend of children. His intelligence matches with no one I believe. But he is not a competitor. He thinks that competitions add nothing to our lives but ‘jealousy’ etc finally you get ‘nothing’ really. He think ‘ethnicity’ or the colour’ of humans are unimportant or is ‘nothing’ really. Even we sometimes like to think of our friends their qualities such as hilariousness, simplicity, flexibility, brightness, abilities, charm, calmness, connections, the network, He is ‘HINDU” in birth but the Buddhists admire and respect his ‘lovability for human beings. Pardon me I don’t know about others. It is no harm in trusting someone that belong to some other religion or some other ethnic groups finally we all go and rest in one place. Whether your friend is a Muslim or a Tamil or Chirtsian or a Sinhalese what do you think are really matters for a friendship and what is really important you think? Their size of the heart, the size of the pocket, the size of the ‘popularity’, the size of the ability, the size of the land, the size of the ‘knowledge’ what? Tamilness or Sinhaleseness these are just words when it comes to friendships believe me or in whatever relationships. ‘choice’ of friends and friendships, relationships in all sorts totally depend on the parties involved what if they like and enjoy their friendship why others should bother and waste time thinking and arguing and can we stop these things? I leave these questions to you expecting answers ……… My friend Ganesh told me these things. And he sometimes mutters these things to my ears when I travel or work, or walk from here to there or from there to here. Thank you Ganesh People Say he is an Indian. It does not matter. I have friends ‘American’, and ‘Dutch’ too. Their race or culture, Nationality NO! No matter at all. What matters to me is ‘the qualities’ that I expect from a friend. NO! I don’t expect my friend to be a ‘SAINT’ or a ‘GOD” or a ‘GODDESS’ I need someone ‘human’ with least qualities. So he is my never changing ‘friend’ all these years of my fallings and failures, he was with me giving moral support. He is a legend. People talk to nature of their preferences, they talk with trees some write things on trees I remember reading something so ‘tender’ about ones childhood dreams of talking and embracing trees. People go and sat on rocks facing the beautiful sea. They speak to the waves, listen to the sounds, its breeze, they are so soothing. I used to sit for hours in the beaches (Galle, Tangalle) ‘peace heaven’ is a place that I like so much that is a so memorable place for me. Wind and the rain I used to talk to them for hours. What ever ‘leaves’ I like touching them and talking to them. They all are my friends. I like to think so at least. Ganesh taught me these things. I worship this friend of mine, and I respect and venerate I make garlands for him not just to thank him but to respect him. He is LORD GANESH OM SHREE WAKRA THUNGA MAHAA KAAYA KOTEE SURYA SAMAPRAH NIRWINYAN KURUME DEWA SARWA KAARYE SUSARWADHA …………………. OM GAM GANAPATHAYE NAMAH!

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