I like to take a River path to RIO20 ……. How about you?

Posted May 18, 2012 from Sri Lanka

Roads truly are interesting innovations. The most vital innovations of all I believe. The roads lead you life towards your preferred destination here you have a choice over selecting a path you like.

I can not swim but I like choosing this path not just because I like to risk my life taking this path mainly because I know that there are people who can swim, life guards, etc i know that I can ask for help and get advice and ask for company before selecting such a route. We need help of people around us, none can survive alone that is what I believe and that is what I learnt all these years of mine walking and taking and selecting different paths of my life.

We need the help of the nature. It is something ‘give and take’ thing. If you give something you get something back there is some exchange between the nature and the people. The things that we may exchange with other may differ from person to person. One can be self sufficient in many ways in money, in most of the things material stuff that is what I really meant but here we can not avoid the nature. We need them we can not live without them.

We need rain, sun, trees, water, river ways, the springs, food, shelter all these things food and shelter who provides us the ‘technology or the technical knowledge of the mason or carpenter? Who provide us the materials the shop owners? NO! It is the nature/s who supply us all these you just use your knowledge, advanced technology you may have heard or have learnt at your university in collaboration with this beautiful nature that is all you do.

It is not easy to define or make a top list of the things around us saying this should come first in the list etc. Every single thing of this nature has indescribable and unexplainable value. Everything is equally important. No one can say that moon is important than sun or sun is important than moon. Why? These two beautiful gifts of our nature are two different creations of nature. They are good in two different things think a while you may realize the importance or the value of those things and tell me if you can differentiate the importance. Why is she, the lovely moon is shining on a poya day try to understand the technology of nature behind all these happenings. Go to your science book and see. Why is this beautiful sea is so rich in water ( forget the salty flavor)? What if you don’t have any rivers and waterways in a country. All these rivers and water ways finally go and meet her, the sea there at a certain meeting point. ‘muwa dora or at a port (?)

The rain water meets all of them in a land and then he carries all of them towards the sea. The handsome rain he is everywhere, the lakes, the rivers, the wells, the tanks he goes and touches every ones heart. The water is a healer of all levels; the trees may die without water, the adults, the children, including me. That is the wonder and the beauty of the water That is every ones responsibility to protect and save the water even a single drop of water. It is silly if I keep on trying to reveal the importance of maintaining and protecting our beautiful water ways. We have water every where thanks to this beautiful nature. A gift of nature. We are not a poor nation in that way. Sorry that I came this far to talk about rivers my preferred way to RIO….. We can really improve the standards of all the people around the globe only if we all have a good intention of protecting the nature.

Dream of a better Nigeria is not any more a dream if you protect the rivers you own. For instances the river ‘Niger’ and the river ‘Benue’ Niger -which is where they get the name of the country ‘Nigeria’, so protect your rivers, the bends of the rivers from soil erosion don’t dump anything in to any river not only in to the rivers of your own country but also when you moving around the world and when go site seeing. How proud they should be the Nigerians their country has a name that reminds others of the importance of protecting such water ways. To protect the country protect the rivers. I don’t think that it is just a responsibility of a country mates to protect the rivers they own it is a responsibility of the whole world because we depend on one and another . It is a responsibility of the Americans to protect the rivers of Mongolia not only the Mongolians the Nigerians should protect what the Americans own no doubt. Arigiin, Kharaa, or Tuul tells the stories of beauty of Mongolia I believe. “The river Mahaweli is the longest river of Sri Lanka, the art of sharing water in a most beautiful way and getting the maximum use of water, the development projects like Randenigala, Victoria etc are classic examples for ‘using river water for the benefit of a nation’.

Water is money, an indicator of wealth I believe. I am sure that there is away of using water against ‘poverty’ situation of a country.

Ganga, Yamuna are so memorable not only for the Indians but also for the whole world,

These rivers are the route of a civilization how can we forget that. In ancient Ceylon people settled down closed to rivers, that is how they established their communities, the settlers depended on the river water, or other water ways. Malwathu oya etc are so vital and has historically indescribable value for Sri Lankans.

I don’t like to forget that in the early histories the tyrants also came in to the countries via those water ways. The friends too came through these true. Primary techniques of transporting people from this land to that land via these water ways was so obvious in the histories of all countries I believe.

If you are protecting a water way at the same time you are protecting your child, your wife, your friend, your inmate or your neighbor who ever you know or don’t know. The rivers are not gender biased or culture biased, the country biased, the class or caste biased ‘creations of this mother nature.

The nature knows nothing of that sort above mentioned I believe it more than I believing my self. It is not just the responsibility of ‘international water management institution’ it is not just the responsibility of water lovers it is a responsibility of all of us to protect such systems that gives us to chance to breath, inhale or exhale what ever word you may use. That is the world best beverage no doubt. Not thambilee or kurumba or any other locally popular natural flavours of juices or the drinks.

One can not be selfish of something like that it is so important for the whole nations of the whole world. ‘Water’ is like a beautiful woman, and is like a handsome man, an innocent child, a dancer, a model who likes to walk according to a rhythm I am thinking of a beautiful river right now. A musician, an artist, a violinist, guitarist, all these images comes before my eyes when I think of a beautiful river. That gives each and everyone an equal chances, loves everyone too I believe.

They are innocent that is why the arrogant people, the people that do not understand the value of such things generally dump their household garbage in to the river ways or to water ways.

Lets walk around Africa for a moment. Close your eyes for a moment I suggest. I will take you to river Luangua of Zambia, or to Angola to meet the beauty of river Cuanza, how about going on a boat ride embracing the beauty and the wonder of river Kuiseb of Nambia.

To protect the ‘green views’ of your environment protect the water ways of any sort.

Both women and men get equal opportunities to protect their families and them selves only if they try to take the initiative to protect the global environment by protecting the rivers and the other water ways of their own vicinity. It is not possible for us to discuss anything isolating one particular thing from other major things. We need to pay respect to each and everything of our nature. It is that important for the benefit of all people around the globe and that is how we should try to last instead of using or the taking the wrong paths.

Try to be honest to your environment and please remember you can not cheat none of the things above mentioned not only the rivers but also all the parts of this nature, the nature is a better union than we think or we imagine. The nature is ‘us’ and those are ‘ours’ try to think that way.

Isn’t it beautiful to take the river paths to RIO 20. I understand it is not that easy but don’t you think that we are so huge in our minds when compared to the sizes of our physical bodies?

I am sorry that I could not take you to the other parts of the world through this little piece of writing the other rivers of the other countries will surely forgive me for that……

Have a safe and intelligent useful journey towards Rio.

Take care world.

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Rio+20: United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development

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  • hannah_reed
    May 18, 2012
    May 18, 2012

    Hi! I really enjoyed reading your story. I think it was very beautifully written and it touches on many themes that I believe myself. The two things that really stood out for me were "no one can survive alone" and "we can really improve the standards of all the people aound the globe only if we have a good intention of protecting nature." It is important to remember these things, and so I am very glad you wrote about them. Thank you so much! Hannah

  • Sandika
    May 20, 2012
    May 20, 2012

    Thank you Hannah for reading and commenting

    have a nice day!

  • Georgina Ware
    May 19, 2012
    May 19, 2012

    Forgive me, i have not been able to understand this totally because i have taken my night medication, its early in the morning and im not thinking my best. But i understand what your talking about with Nature although i dont think anybody can explain it not in a way i think we could understand to a great depth all i know there is a reason for being.

    I had a very deep depression for years though im on medication long term the best way to get better from the most severe part of the illness was nature. I mean i would spend hours and hours sleeping in the grass, looking at the flowers even listen the bees i spent half of my life wapping away when they came near me! the other thing was spirital not spiritual heal just being spititual, im unemployed at the moment but when i go back to work i found a spiritual retreat to go to which looks very nice its where the nuns and priests and the monks go, when i go back onto a ward enviroment i will set aside time for my spirit to rest its a place called Launde Abbey: www.laundeabbey.org.uk

    I believe there are many roads and crossings in my life, you need a trained eye to see them from a distance in your life time. Thinking back i have had many chances and oppertunities to take another path but i always aimed to please others but i have now changed this.

    I want to do nursing, i had to start from the bottom in fact i just sent an acceptance back to the college to start Applied science level 1 - as far as the university goes they said i dont need to take the access to Nursing course (which is a block of differant GCSE Qualifications) because they want me qualified and working but you must excuse my language when i say scrw them! my aim is now to do what i want to do, i can see a cross road an oppertunity to get all my GCSE (Genral Certificates of Secondary Education at grade A to D) after the Applied science level 1, 2 and 3 - i can see a point in my life in the futue i will need them, so for the first time in my life i will do something i want to do knowing i will need what i have been warned against doing by the University.

    My only other thing is this, i have learnt god works in mysteriouse ways and if you miss something or run out of money there is no need to worry. For instance this week has been tough for me come today i get vouchers through the post for the supermarket - its not a lot but its enough to my next day i get benefits sent me. There are many forces, i hear there are 5 Dimensions to this universe widley accepted but i believe there has to be far more than that.

  • Sandika
    May 20, 2012
    May 20, 2012

    Thank you gware for reading my writing

    my friend, if we all understand the things and the situations around us that is wonderful isn't it? be patient i am sure God surely will answer your prayers.

    And i am so happy to read about your achievements too

    have a wonderful day!

  • Usha K.C.
    May 19, 2012
    May 19, 2012

    Dear Sandika,

    enjoyed your article . Beautifully written on essential topic.

    love nature:))

  • Sandika
    May 20, 2012
    May 20, 2012

    Thank you & i am so happy to hear that you enjoyed it.

    Yes! Love nature :)

    Take Care

  • Darren Bunton
    May 21, 2012
    May 21, 2012

    Thanks for your wise words Sandika. Too often do we take nature for granted. Your entry reminds us/me of the important bond that we share with nature. We are all part of the "Web of Life". It is our responsibility to protect our environment. Thanks for reminding us that "both women and men get equal opportunities to protect their families, and themselves, only if they try to take the initiative to protect the global environment". We are all in this together. Although it sometimes amazes me how we forget about our connection to the Earth and our communities. One thing I've become aware of is how connected we all are. Nigeria is important to America, and Canada is vital to Mexico etc.

    Gware, The Launde Abbey Community looks like a very comfortable retreat to bring the mind into focus. It's good that you are not forgetting about self in your duties to others. Good luck in your quest to become a nurse. I agree with you on multiple dimensions, and in God working in mysterious ways. Thank you all!