Many Congratulations to you and We are proud of you of the strength YOU and your team holds within –

some flowers for you and for the whole group

hithe diriyai awesi wanne - nethe kanduluda pisa damanne

[ What we need is the strength of our mind - wipe away the tears of your eyes]

inna hema wita 'ekata bendee - dinuma ewitai obata himi

[stay together always- then the victory is yours]

ekwa sithamu - ekwa negemu - lowama ekwee sinaha nagamu

[ let's think together - lets stand up together let's all smile together ]

Please do not forget the word ‘YOU’ is a word that indicates plurality and this means the ‘whole world of human’.

The your attitude of ‘going forward no matter what ever issues appear before our world talents’,’ we are not aiming for ‘victory against the abilities of our own people or the abilities of world’ ‘all have some abilities’ ‘disability is a wrong word’’ right word is all have strength and power of ‘can do anything and can face any barricades’ even we have formed our own within, unknowingly may be’, I like to send ‘my heart full of warm wishes to all of you’

Some have feet to walk and some others have hands to clap. Some does not have hands to clap but have the hearts to think’. Some may do not have ears to hear but some others have ears to hear on behalf of the others who has the minds to embrace. Some do not have ‘money to contribute but they may have the hearts to give you a strong stick to stand.

Some have lost their eyes due to ‘nature’ or due to ‘wars’ and crimes of ‘do not welcome peace bearers’ but do not forget many others have eyes to see and they will draw the necessary picture before your eyes of what needs to be shown to you.

Your parents – do not forget them ‘The first to trust your ability amongst all others who trusted and believe your ability later.

Your parents, the true owner of your ‘won through strength trophy’ AND NEVER FORGET THE ONES THOSE WHO GUIDE YOU through out your journey of winning.

So I like to tell you our hero take care of not only the trophy you won but carefully take care of the hearts and minds that you won in there just participating and by joining and linking hands together with ‘all are equal and we must respect group’

MAY THE TRIPPLE GEM BLESS YOU ! …………………………………………