I read about the incident happened at a factory in Pakistan – and I saw on television a ‘most parts burnt factory’. I watched it today 13 September 2012 on television.

Sometimes we face issues or problems related to our own health and safety due to ‘carelessness’. We sometimes burn a forest area because of our ‘carelessness’ we throw away the ‘match stick still burning’ in to the bushy areas after lighting the ‘cigarettes’ or the ‘things that we use to lit a stove during a ‘camp’ fire or something similar that we go with our friends or relatives ‘camping’ or ‘hiking’ is nice and wonderful but there are things that we should keep in our minds. It is easy to blow a fire and after everything burnt even if you find ‘everything is back to iced cool condition’ there may be some things we have lost that can not be replaced or re located any more.

We need to check whether the ‘fire extinguishers’ are located on the right place to use when necessary. Why do we really need ‘fire extinguishers’ if we can avoid such situation to be happened in the future because we are human such things may happen but best thing is to avoid such situations as much as possible. We should keep ‘0’% margin for errors here.

Constantly check whether the ‘responsible person is checking the ‘the date of expire’ or and re fill or re locate the equipment immediately or as instructed.

Fire exit doors/ emergency exists - are you sure about the doors ‘always check whether they are locked inside’ if so go, hurry, unlock it. What is the size of the door length or the width? Can people, workers, all move out of the premises so easily when ever necessary, with out facing any issues at all or getting stuck inside? Do not forget that when a ‘fire or something happens’ people generally behave differently and always think of their own life and sometimes forgets the lives of others so they do not mind pushing or pulling them and go escape and save the life of the person called ‘self’. Natural. That is the way that some minds react to such situations not that they do not want others to live do not care about others. ‘All love to live’’ no one likes to die unnecessarily’’ all their loved ones want their loved or near, dear ones to live forever if possible’ – we know this.

Awareness of the workers on such situations

Do the workers/relevant people/group aware of the ‘where’ are all these placed, emergency exit doors, how to ‘function’ a fire extinguisher if the trained person is not available at that moment in the premises, the accurate ways of storing the ‘explosives’ – the highly inflammables’, how to save the things very, very important documents or other NOT ONLY the ‘human resources’ – human resources comes ‘FIRST’ and ‘must come first’ we know that. The important documents that can not be found if stolen or lost, also need to think of whether they are aware of their ‘role’ better if you have divided the tasks among each and every worker?- ‘division of labour’

First – Aid

Important, this is something that ‘every single citizen should know or learn’ I am thinking I have a very, very isolated knowledge on this subject it my responsibility as well to think of the ‘must learn’ things. But when it comes to a certain work place or a factory things different you need to think of the ‘size of the premises, things in there, the things you produce, the HEALTH AND SAFETY’ of the everyone, the space kept between each and every machineries whether they have enough space to move from here to there within the given space. The buildings attached to each building, who are there, nature of the building, ‘ordinary houses’ or schools, hospitals etc. not easy. if you in a particular ‘zone’ they have a big management and every single thing is inspected constantly . That is there responsibility and also of the workers all types.

What is the situation of your ‘sick room’ or health centre attached to your work place?’

-Any first aid boxes?

  • Available ‘must have’ medicine?

  • A trained nurse if necessary?

  • environment of the health room you have inside’? Noisy or calm?

  • An ambulance or a vehicle always should be there at the premises for an emergency purposes at least a three wheeler, a person who knows such facilities owning personal (an ambulance is for very, very big companies or factories depending on the ‘affordability for such things’)

  • THE TELEPHOE NUMBERS REQUIRED – emergency dial numbers, do u maintain such documents?

  • Where to go afterwards? ‘The closest hospital’?

Fire – crackers , gives all the kids even the adults some pleasure that is for sure but we know sometimes if we do not know ‘how to use them properly’ or if we use them carelessly’ we know the result at the end. During ‘avurudu seasons’ or festivals’ we use them. I am so happy that the ‘awareness programs done during and before such festivals by the relevant parties of our country for i.e departments of health via ‘all print and visual media’ television etc. I noticed that after every festival the authorities generally try make an statement regarding such things’ I am sure compared to past people, kids now are aware of such dangers and ‘the total number affected on such things have ‘reduced luckily and thankfully to the relevant authorities and also to the people who think of following the ‘given instructions properly’.

We do not have to say how important it is to think of the ‘factories that manufacture such things’ ‘how much care & attention, Consciousness they need, required in every step of the manufacturing processes and also storing, transporting etc’

In all the other relevant sectors and areas we need to pay attention to the above mentioned also including the sections such as ‘chemical using departments where some do different experiments and innovations attached to there ‘productions’ etc.

Mistakes happen but ‘there is no joke in that’ especially when you are dealing with huge number of workers and resources.

Apart from that ‘Careful’ when driving or riding there are things that you should keep in your mind or in your ‘brain devise’ it is equally important or similarly important ‘that you check all the parts and necessary things of your vehicle including ‘break’ before you go out of your ‘house or from anywhere, work place, etc. it is somewhat alright even if you forget other things you should take or carry before heading to somewhere important or otherwise but careful on these things more if possible. If you forget your wallet ‘you can pay later’ if you forget your umbrella you can wait a little somewhere, ‘if you forget to take your laptop ‘can come back home and take it back’ that is alright ‘but most important thing here is your life’ ‘ human lives can not be replaced by anyone ,anything , robotics, or by someone else.

Therefore ‘Take care’ of ‘every single resources ‘human and otherwise’ for that please keep this in your mind’ HEALTH AND SAFETY FIRST’’ FOR A GOOD AND BEST LIFE’

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