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Posted December 15, 2012 from Sri Lanka

Are you on Face book ? Faces are books. Some readable and some so transparent, some tells age. Some talks and giggles. Some tells ‘friends’, some smiles and some shows interests. Faces tells so many things indescribable. Some time back one of my friends that I knew since childhood and lost contacts due to she ‘went abroad for study’ asked me “Are you on face book” ? I said “NO” Some things come before my brain little later may be after you friends have already gone a long distance in the preferred technological destinations. I thought of creating ‘my own face book page’ so because of my friend I joined the ‘I knew nothing’ & ‘ I do not know the exact number’ book – face book who have joined the face book so far around the globe. If you are to read a book you need the pages face towards you. You can not read the pages up side down. It is so good if you get the print in good quality meaning ‘the letters’ ‘the words’ if you see them ‘not blotted’ way then it is easy to read and also if you notice the pages you try to read are ‘inks spills all over’ you find little difficult to read. People have different ‘perceptions & ideas on this concept ‘face book’. I have mine. I like the design of the face book. not the outer look but the things that they have included. Create your profile – One can lie in this section if want but generally we who always accept and confirm the friendships believe that the age and the information they are indicating are true to the best of their knowledge. We can ‘here’ write ‘viewing ‘self’ or analyzing self ‘say what you like so much etc and share. I don’t know what ability one must improve to read and then derive the false information from the information correct. I do not know how far once knowledge of technology would help in that manner in understanding the faces. Some just show only the eyes. some uses hats to cover the face or their eyes. some show the whole – picture. The whole in the sense complete and true to their knowledge ‘no false information is there. Security warnings are there true. Words – passwords, the words that you passing through or via the faces of yours ‘some will be able to read’ ‘some unable to read’. When you read the faces sometimes you forget the words written on their faces because ‘the outer appearances steals your attention or they keep you away from reading their faces in a useful manner. I do not know how good we are in reading faces. Are we truly identify or notices the ‘wrinkles’ grey hair, the marks on faces or why those things are important? Do you hold any ideas as to why such things are important or are they truly important? Do they teach us something? Why some shops are full of anti ageing creams and silky hair agendas and all those are full of girlies and some boyies? (Rare) The boys - may be they are looking for something for their girlies  why some use home remedies other than going in to shops. Is it just because they are afraid of ageing or is it the value or the place that a society has given to such things’ the shapes and looks of faces? Don’t you think such things are little ‘good if think of analyzing a bit’ think of a ‘cover page of a print’ (most) what are the faces that you look for? I know such things depend on the need or request of societies’ people don’t import things if there is no ‘demand for such things in any of the local markets’. The dealers supply the goods or what ever ‘creams shampoos’ or face masks or whitening or lightening creams or perfumes or what ever’ if there is no demand for such things. Some say ‘I can’t say this to your face’ but some have no issues in telling the same thing ‘here and there to the faces of others. Interesting. Some like face to face discussions than ‘over the phone discussions. Then they can’t hide their faces because the faces say a lot than the things that they aired and comes and stay or settle in your deep within. When you don’t see the faces but hear only the voices ‘even if they make faces you do not notice’ ( I must use the word ‘SOME NOT ALL’ words please replace the word some not all with the word ‘they’ and read if you feel not too lazy the moment you read this. Little exercise for your face. Got angry no? how many face muscles you used ‘ aney wena wedak nehane meya liyana ewa api me weda daala weda nathara karala kiawanna’ Good if we have not other important work to do’ such thoughts may come in to your mind. Just chase them away if they come and try settle in your within . I know such things are harmful – experiences ‘personal’ I know that anger and horrified feelings takes many things away from once mind and even from their faces ‘but what to do ‘people’ – we all ‘human’ yet if one can practice ‘stay clam what ever may happen’ that is so wise. Find friends- Even if you did not have any friends in your life time no problem you can find a friend lost or new. ‘You only have to search’ going through the search engine that you are so familiar with’ nothing else. If you are looking for a friend long gone missing or lost contacts you can find if the person you are looking for is also a member of this ‘network of friends’. This is good. Electronic mailing system is so useful if you want to make more friends. The managing parties of this particular book of faces ‘ask you of an electronic mailing addresses when your friends or new ones looking for you they just send you memorizing and reminding messges.

I KNOW THAT I AM TALKING TO THE ONES WHO ARE VERY AND VERY FAMILIAR WITH THIS BOOK – FACES’ Still this is my views and understanding about faces I sometimes try to read through their words though their profile pictures sometimes are not very clear’ or unidentified’ I am not sure whether I read them accurately but I read thinking that I read them correctly and accurately. Skin tones of the faces ‘ I like to think whether they are truly matches with the tones of the things that they fond of talking and discussing and then try to share with their group of friends. I am not so good at analyzing their ‘dark’ fair’ or white faces with the darkness or whiteness or the fairness of the words that they talk all the moments that they post in the sections of ‘status of mind’ I read some wrinkles in the words that they talk. Some words so young like their faces (some) some faces actually and truly match with the words they talk. Some words ‘OLD’ yet so genuine in appearances and even within’ ‘ I find many faces in the words that some talk and share’. Ideas of teen – some of them are ‘innovative’ ‘glow-full like their faces. Some enjoy posting complete postures of their ‘whole’ – figure’ in the complete sense and some keeping us some space or allowing us to think further of their choices and their looks of within I know this is not always accurate way of weighing or measuring things. Still I like to think that there is some ‘weight’ in them. May be such thing show their ‘status of mind at that moment of taking such photograph or posting them and share them with others and enjoy or relaxing ‘and releasing or easing their inner traffic jams until they feel ‘ha now good to drive further; kind of mentality’ I do know I am just assuming. People like ‘changes’. They embrace changes than ‘stagnations’ of things. Understandable. Therefore I sometimes notice some faces change their ‘profile picture’ some days after or after few weeks. Depends/personal/person. It is so good to meet the world with ‘current status of face’ I know. ‘What is on your mind’- ones state of mind, important. People have own ways of sharing things with outer world, friends close ones etc. every moment our brain and minds and hearts are functioning I don’t know how what fuel they need for a better functioning - status’ things come in and going out of these places of within are unpredictable and never can be planned. Some write them down. On a piece of paper, on a page of a book- exercise, on their note books, PC. This PC of things ( I read this two letter word PC = private and confidential’ ) some just don’t care but some do care and this ‘for some or for most’ have their own faces. People who like to read the faces of the faces also like if others read their faces ‘accurately’ including their inner faces. Inner faces are far more important than the faces outer but how one read them accurately? Can one see through the faces ‘outer’ do these wrinkles of ones allows us to go through them to read their inner face. Or are they just blocking our way of trying to read them accurately – face make ups is that they name of the blocks or barriers we meet when we go to read them. If you just like to notice the things that comes and goes in to your mind at different places on different times you can do it. When you are calm you write things in a calmer manner the shapes and sizes of the things you write get the shape and size of the mind at that moment. The things you write ‘in this what is on your mind section’ shows your state of mind at that moment. It is not the whole status of mind that you may maintain throughout your whole life. the next your status of mind may completely different to the status of your mind now. This mind is so delicate not like faces. That is why you sometimes experience changes and you read different things at some different moments. I like to believe. If one like you can just examine the time of posting, the nature of the things you posted on this little allocated space ‘self examining’ I mean you can just have a little ‘own views ad explanations on your own things wrote in this place – status of mind’ This place is different because here in this space ‘you are not expected to play a certain role, job description, what profession you are, not applicable. ‘Here you just reveal your hearts and minds on things you look at or have seen at some point of life, day or of a meeting with friends. ‘Not specific – you can write or state & draw your mind here’ ‘No restrictions’ no? Like or unlike If you like something don’t hesitate to show. That too shows your face to the others. This place too gives others to read your face outer and inner. Yours to ‘comment’ Some like but don’t comment. When some dislike they comment. Or some sometimes don’t show their dislikenesses. Some have many things to say for everything or at least for most of the things. Sometimes if you get no comments to the things you post that too give the person who post something to read the faces of others to a certain extent or to some extent. Show your interests – photo gallery different postures different angles. People, places, countries, children, world there you get a little chance to read the faces out of territories of the faces with flesh and bones. Chats you can avoid if you do not like to chat or you can show others that you are not interested just ‘quitting from the page’ or showing you are ‘busy’ going off chats or on chats options of faces plus moments. When you are invisible people can’t read you via chats, conversations that sometimes show your faces at different moments or eras of life. I do not know how to analyze the differences because I am a member since not long ago. I really can not grab the differences. There are things that I have observed, yes. Some use this to say how much they oppose something or the ideas of a particular group or the concepts of what others believe or like or of their choices. If they do not like something some do not hesitate to say, write ‘what is in their mind’. Some use their own language to share or express their ideas in mind. Distracts and these are barriers that you see before the concept of trying to understand people’s mind to a certain extent. I don’t read Tamil or Hindi for an example they may not good in reading my language – I locally speak and so comfortable with our mother tongue’ – Sinhala’

Tagging – idea is also so fascinating ‘gives you plenty of chances to read faces’ it is sometimes interesting to know ‘how others think of you’ how you rate them’ ‘how they see your face – inner’ ‘what is the level of understanding they hold their within. And about this labeling or tagging’ what specialty you in this?

There is another chance you get to read faces ‘the advertisement corners’ though you see no ‘profile pictures visible’ to read. But you can get some idea of the section and you can read the advertisement and the faces you see in them. Some posts little poems on the walls I like them though they don’t show the skills or talents similar to the well known poets there is something that I can feel and I like reading them. And these personal walls are so important. You can read you via others I like to say. But I don’t know how good is this idea – mine in relation to trying to read ‘self’ through the readings of others. Some don’t post their own stuff or their own creations. Still that too shows some interests of the faces that we try to read via this book – faces. This is not a complete, totally, or accurate analysis of this book I regret. On things so far explained you may get some ideas as to my understanding in reading faces’ etc for you to decide.

Have a relax week end, my friends !

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