My education is my hero which made me capable today to get a chance to explore a new way of learning for approaching different lives of the different societies through rigorous Liberal arts curriculum in Asian University of Women and raise my voice through Pulse Wire. I am a girl from a village, Panauti, 32 kilometers away from the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu, but still undeveloped and lack of infrastructural facilities. I am a girl born in a society where women are thought to be the machine only who work for their in laws, husband and husband's relatives after marriage and are forced to involve in house chores in their own birth home to be trained for the future. Although the ages have passed talking about women rights, women in my village still depend on their husband for every single matter. With a less freedom than sons, parents have allowed their daughters to go to school nowadays. In this sense I want to say myself luckier than the every those other girls in my society who luckily have got chance to get higher studies. Although I didn’t get total freedom in my home, my parents never thought me their burden and always support for my higher studies and my hard labor and my education supports me to stand with proud in my society. My parents showed me a path and my education helps me a lot to justify what is right and what is wrong for me and for my society as woman in this path. So I believe my education is my hero which every time alerts me and encourages me to go ahead.
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I'm impressed so much!! There's no word to say about that..Keep going on your own way..Never look behind you..When you reach where you want to reach then you can look behind and try to change this mind which your society has..You're so lucky..You have a chance..Then use it for real..

with my best wishes..

Feyza Papak

Hello, it is inspiring to read about your hero. I was raised in the USA and I remember my mother telling me to get a university education when I was 14. I am still working on it at the age of 55 doing Ph.D studies and do know now the education is access to independence in more ways than one. For disabled young women and men it will mean all the difference in accessing the employment market even in Sweden. It is not a guarantee, but at least gives a much better chance for the entrance to the market!

Jamie Bolling Executive Director - European Network on Independent Living skype: jamiebolling

Sangi, You have touched my heart considering the distance between your country and Malawi but the issue is almost the same. Keep it up.



Thank you for shring such a wonderful thought. It is true that education is total freedom. Education can take you to places that physically you may never reach, see, visit. Education can expand your interests in life and can help you better understand the world as a whole.

I encourage you continue forward with your eductaion and continue to share your voice with other women. You will one day inspire others to get an education and live with the power of knowledge.

Thank you,

Peace and blessings, Mia

Dear Sangi, and Jamie,

I read your message a bit late, due to tight schedule recently and family matter; however it won't reduce my high appreciation to you due to putting education as your hero. Michael Foucault mentioned that information is power. You'll find out sooner ar later that education will give you so much power to write, speak, think and act properly, appropriately with higher effectiveness and efficiency. Your knowledge is treasure that can never be stolen or taken away from you as long as you keep healthy.

Big salute also to Jamie on her study; FYI I finished my doctoral study on my 55 years old; so you could do it, dear. God will help you. I heard my friend's friend got her doctoral degree on her 72 years old. Why not? My God mother is still working on her 83.

I have grown surrounding ICT - information communication technology; studying computer since 1981 and working in computer unit for more than 20 years. Thus, FYI nowadays distance learning or open and distance learning (ODL) or E learning is possible and available in many universities all over the world. I got three certificates from distance learning that I took for 4 months, 3 months and 5 months duration. Go surf the internet (Google) - Im sure you will find it following your topic of interest.

All the best! Remember living is a long life learning


Hi Sangi,

Sure, education is so important for everyone! Thanks for posting it........!

All the best, Sarvina

Regards, Sarvina from Cambodia VOF 2011 Correspondent


I see your perspective on education. I have had the privilege of being in school since I was 5 year old. At the age of 28, I am still pursuing higher studies. When people ask me what I do, I literally and metaphorically state, "I'm a student for life!"


Thank you Sangi for sharing your brilliant perspective. It’s interesting you choose ‘education’ as your hero – reflecting your strong belief in education as a prime medium of social change : )

I hope you continue to pursue your education without any stigma or impediment : )