rural Nepalese woman taken from
  • rural Nepalese woman taken from

With the innovation of technology and fast-paced development of the 21st century, we haven’t still realised that it is important and urgent to have women as visionaries, change agents, leaders and decision makers in every aspects of social stability and development for a more equitable and harmonious world to thrive. It has been proved by the growing chaos and insanity of warfare that only love, compassion, trust and tolerance could save the world. Its only women who are most affected in any society whether its because of the human induced conflicts or environmental calamities. Only she possesses the power to heal, the power to create and it should be her again to begin the change for him, for her and for everyone of us. It is therefore the need of hour to promote women’s involvement in the decision making system and act on the empowerment and leadership of women so that more women could be given opportunities.

It should be noted that while it is important to include women in the decision making system, it is sensible to ensure that the women who participate should reflect the genuine voices and concerns of the marginalised, discriminated and disadvantaged women and people, and should be well known about their issues at large, besides having a good academic and professional training. It is often seen that women are participated merely for the sake of representation -because they ‘have to participate’ as in the case of 33% participation in Nepal- and not for voicing the true concerns of women. Although they participate, they don’t seem to voice what they should as they are often influenced by and adapt to others’ opinions and thoughts, which is the case in most of the developing countries where women are made to represent the dominant ideas of power politics. Furthermore, their views and opinions are often for granted and ignored by the stereotypical male dominated mass. It leads space for numerous errors, bias and undesired consequences.

It should also be noted that women in developing societies are not of equal status. They belong to various social groups from an uneducated, disabled and rural woman to a well educated, polished and privileged urban woman whose priorities, interests and needs are completely different from the former one. Apart from this, the whole mechanism of decision making system seems to be manipulated and nourished by the biased patriarchal and orthodox mindset, which doesn’t give sufficient space to women. Space here refers to the conducive physical, mental, financial, social and political environment allowing women freedom to exercise their rights or make choices. Assigning women’s participation to a certain percentage and assuming it to be a quintessence of equity is thus an illusion, which quite often is discussed as an important agenda of peace, stability and development but remains largely elusive. If the world is to be rescued from the looming darkness and more conflict, men and women must act together now!

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Its really a beautiful feeling to get to meet all these awesome women over here in World Pulse. Im so thankful to each one of you my dear friends. It'll be my pleasure to share more and ofcourse get in touch with you and other such wonderful women.


Dear Sangita,

thank for having shared your beautiful statement. You are so right: the World is in desperate need of more harmony, and all human beings in no less a need to be "more" human, all over.

My wish is, the kindly, loving and long-term-projected decision making would be from men as well, and the very act of "taking decision" be something made in a spirit of selfless service to the World and all life. And that the most typical decision making of today, self-centered, disconnected, irresponsible, will wane, as soon as possible.

And I feel words like yours do help so that this wish becomes reality.



Dear Mauri,

I completely agree with you in that men also should help realize the kind of change, the sort of world we have envisioned and striving to achieve. And yes, its possible only when men and women join hands together. I hope we all could work together to make our world a better place.

Peace and love


Thank you for sharing such a beautiful piece. Yes, women's participation is needed in every sphere be it political, social or economic. And as you say, the participation should be real and meaningful and not just for the sake of representation.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Much love,

Mukut Ray

Yes, Mukut! If change is to be realized and women's contributions are to be recognized and respected, their participation is as important as the change itself.

peace and love

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