Dear Bresse,

You may feel that my behaviour is not appropriate. You have right to your views. And I respect your views.

I am a person perfectly disinterested in the concept prostitution. Regarding this, kindly permit me to say the following -

Many years back, I remember the day I innocently entered a Red Light District(RLD) in Mumbai. This was for sale of my company's products, one of the areas alloted to me was to go into a Red Light Area. I never new what prostitution is. I was completely confused when I entered the area. It was a weird gloomy place; not that it was dirty or filthy from outside. I was very uncomfortable working in it.

After that I started drinking. A few days later I got drunk and vomitted.

Later on, on the day of the week on which I had to go to the area for product sale, I used to drink to the extent that I would become oblivious of the surroundings, do the round, and get out of the place, as soon as possible.

So, as an innocent boy, my very first impression about this thing was not good. In a traditional Indian society,riddled by caste(reasons unknown) based prejudices-relations-consideration, and petty mindedness, I had not had the opportunity to associate myself with persons of opposite sex.

Under the circumstances, the practical possiblity of associating my self, first time, with persons of opposite sex, in a RLD, felt like a perfect natural calamity; like a avalanche under which I got burried and died or was simply blown away to death by a tornado.

25 years on after that, I am still reeling under the semi death delivering impact of the experience. It did not make an iota of sense, any longer,having got birth as a human being, although I reconciled to the fact that, this thing exists uniformly around the globe.

The impact went to my sub-conscious. There are shades of grey between black and white. It became apparent that,it would not be true to state that, RLD's-prostitutes means the dark gloomy side of life and rest of the society we live in is the white bright side of life. Life felt like a fuel indicator - RLD's-prostitutes means an empty tank and opposite of that, a full tank. And in my journey of life, I sub-cosciously started checking where the needle pointer of reason and justice,is.

Later I did well in life, however, my initial experience remained dormant in my sub-conscious.

About 2 year back, in an Indian News paper(national daily) I read a news article about a Brazilian Dancer, by the name Iris Berardi is entangled in Italian sex scandles. She was(and is) described as a well-known prostitute by prosecutors from Italy and Ansa News Agency had released the news at that time. She was minor underage at that time.

This was first time, I reacted. I later sent e-mails and envelope to Italian government to liquidate this thing since it wont prove to be in the interest of the girl Iris Berardi. To corroborate the fact, is the death of the two girls I had mentioned about in my earlier mail.

Understandably, young girls appear to have a lot of difficulty surviving in human society. I had sent letter to the European Ombudsman's office, and Mr Joao Sant Anna (Director of Justice Department) had sent letter ot me from France, giving a compailaint ID vis-a-vi Miss Iris Berardi case about which I had written to them.

The reason why I had written to them was that as a result of describing a minor underage innocent girl a well known prostitute and showing her as such, they sharply increased the possibility of doing a lot of damage to her life, because she may not be able to get good boy friends, a future husband, and a good family and social life in future as a result of this [again, this perception emerges from my empirical experience - I have never come in contact with Western civilization].

Later the European Ombudsman Mr Nikiforos Diamandours wrote to me that their office does not have the mandate to deal with the case and it is only for Italian Authorities to handle the matter, which they did not.

Under the circumstances, hope you will appreciate that I am only making efforts to create an environment where girls can continue to live in the same innocent way and at the same time become self-reliant and healthy- happy females of the future.

I hope I have addressed your behavioural concerns about me adeqautely and my reasons clearly stated.

Warm Regards,

Sanjay Dixit, Mumbai,India

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Dear Sanjay, It seems you have misunderstood my earlier email. The content of your posts is not inappropriate, but the manner in which you shared them – posting long messages in a comment on someone else’s journal unrelated to the topic of their post, for example – made other members confused and uncomfortable. We value your voice and the issue you are concerned is a very important one, I was merely trying to advise you on how to more productively engage in this community.

In the future, if you have a message for me, please use email or PulseWire private messaging to contact me directly. If you have questions about PulseWIre or World Pulse in general, you can contact me directly any time.

Hi Bresse,

Thanks for your reply.

Some people experienced a feeling of discomfort because they were not clear about what I am up to and what I am really trying to do.

Ok, I will try to clarify.

Actually under the Advanced Civilization (firstly to be on earth) is about being able to achieve significantly improving conditions of human life, from experience, with the passage of time.

Also the question: How is it that in a document that has the title: Humans, Planet Earth and Advanced Civilization Management there is such a lot of stuff written about matters only concerning women and girls, and that too about prostitution; something that is generally not discussed in sophisticated, intelligent, civilized and educate echelons of society - this guy must be crazy, a really crazy freak from somewhere.

They are free to feel so.

Ok, the rationale behind it, firstly, there is nothing new about it, but I am only trying to leverage a specific development pattern of human society -

Further whaever I write is only for purpose illustration and not to hurt any ones feelings.Also the percentage figures mentioned herein are are hypothetical and only for illustrating the concept.

From the very beginning, further advancement in human human civilization happened, came about, occured, became possible, due to some (very) unfortunate, (very) tragic antecedent events and happenings.

So, let us suppose that human civilization was say 35% AC [which means 35% as developed as the most Advanced Civilization thought to exist in the universe], at some point in time, as good as the so called Advanced Civilizations - the most well developed human (humanoid) civilizations currently present in the universe (they are currently benchmarked at 100%(theoretically)).

Due to some reasons(causes) some (very) unfortunate and (very) tragic events occurred in some section of human civilization - World War I and World War II. Tremendous holocaust followed - huge loss of human life and property.

Given the theater of war and given nature of it, human AC percentage dipped to say 18% AC. So, the Waring nations and the theater of war was at 18%, and rest of human civilization at 35%.

At the time when the wars were going on, there was also an urgent and critical need to evolve new ideas, new technologies, new products and services that were required for logistical, operational and survival purposes, in order to win wars etc. So new things that previously never existed came into existence.

Rest of the humanity at 35% AC also benefited.

Over the several decades that followed,there was further advancement in human society as a result of the benefits and gains from new inventions technologies, etc that was actually intended to be used for military purposes, which had come into existence during the wars.

So, let us suppose that, after several decades of development and advancement, human society is currently benchmarked at 55% AC.

It is clear that moving from 35% AC to 55% AC of with respect to Advanced Civilizations must have been a really very very difficult task and process,that ironically was set in motion, because a part of human civilization dipped from 35% AC to 18% AC.

Now, the weight of every additional 1% AC advancement from here on[from 55% onward's], will be much more than was previously felt for a unit percentage advancement. Because Advancement will become more and more difficult - may be having some extremely complex problems to solve in addition to others. This is my perception.

Now what happens is that, when we attempt to move up from current 55% AC to say 75% AC, my perception is that women and planet earth have sharply come into focus, especially given the negative manifestations from man -woman relationships, about which you feel deeply concerned, and you view them as really important issues.

And why do I feel so? And why do I say negative manifestations?

The reflection of What happens to women, their current state and how they they are perceived, can be seen on Planet Earth. There is a proportional relation between the two. As good or as bad her condition, so is the conditon of the earth, percentage wise. As you can clearly see, in rest of the living world (other than human), where the female condition is naturally sound, in all respects, her living conditions are equally good, however, only in her local environment - their actions and activities do not affect global conditions. And since she is perfectly sound in all respects there is no negative impact from her on Planet Earth.

Also she is here since more than half a billion years with no negative effect on earth, as a result of her relations with her male partner.

So, if we say that from 55% AC to 75% AC, is the further advancement that we seek as of now, it means that 20% AC deficit in human movement towards advanced civilization is due to lack of the human female progress. This also means that when man was 35% AC he could have been 55% AC, and he should have been 75% AC as of now - had the deficit load of 20% between man and woman not existed. It also means that had we solved the 20% AC deficit much before,life would have qualitatively been a lot better,simpler, naturally well balanced than what it is today.

The male - female relationship. It is an integral part of earths natural life system.

Mother earth determined how life should live on her, and how it should propogate for each and every life form - the most precise, having mathematical exactitude, calculations for each living system, exist in her rule book for each one whose mother she is, and at the same time, giving each life form the freedom to decide how it will live and adapt.

In the case of humans, actions and activities have global impacts.

As I had mentioned, in my earlier mail, despite man phenomenal intelligence and advancement, men - women are still struggling to understand (figure out) the exact equations and natural balance that is to exist between them, as written in mother earths rule book.

That is why ladies, you have a task more difficult to do than building a super computer(maybe) in order that planet mother earth looks and becomes as she has always been the marvel, the one and only jewel of the universe (or may be universes) Planet Mother Earth.

Lets solve the following - [This is just a rough list, some things that came to my mind]

(1) AIDS/HIV and sexually Transmitted Diseases (2) Wars (3) Crimes (4) Killings (5) Drugs (6) Extent of usage Alcohol above normal (7) Tobacco usage (8) Broken Marriages (9) Manufacturing and Stock Piling of Arms and Ammunition (Instead the money could be used for human, social and infrastructure development) (10) Lack of respect for human life (11) Imbalanced social development (12) Lack of human dignity (13) Behavioral Problems (14) Glorification of Violence – False courage perceived in using weapons to kill, maim and destroy human life. (15) Beauty Pageants (All human beings can look beautiful and attractive) (16) Deficiency and defect in human psychological (mental) and physical development (17) The emergence of the underworld and mafia (18) Loneliness (19) Psychopath mental conditions (20) Distrust and misunderstandings (21) Ruining human life (22) Inferiority / superiority complex (23) Child abuse (24) Human Trafficking (25) Terrorism (26) Global Warming (27) The orbits of satellites in the earth’s atmosphere now have about a million obsolete, damaged, broken, disintegrated and now useless, small and large components, going round and round the earth at very high speeds, endlessly. All these, each and every, needs to be brought back to the earth, and reused. (28) Female Foeticide (Female fetus is deliberately removed using doctors services because girl is not wanted – boy is wanted) (29) Unnatural Behavioral problems (30) Imbalanced and Declining Male – Female Population Ratios: Lesser number of females per 1000 males. Should be statistically not significant difference, which is not the case. (31) Creation of Artificial borders between nations and states and fighting over them (32) Big Frauds (33) Extinctions of plants, marine and animal life forms due to severe exploitation, and being indifferent, ruthless and callous to their right to exist along side with humans. (34) Exploitation of natural resources without replenishment of the natural resource leading only to steady depletion of the natural resources (35) The emergence of the concept of prostitution (36) A disintegrated world (how tightly or loosely cohesive the world is - based on integration index) (37) Physical and mental Health problems[other life forms do not have, at least when they are in their natural environment] (38) Lack of love and care (39) Psychological and personality disorders (40) Preventable Damages to the earth due to nuclear and non-nuclear explosions done only for Military testing, which is totally unnecessary and a waste of money and time. (41) Slavery (42) Indian Caste System – What is caste? Why caste? Reasoning and justification behind it is unknown – most probably there is no justifiable rationale behind it, therefore, has only proved to be a cold-blooded, ruthless violators of human rights and dignity. (43) The planting of mines, hundreds of millions of them, in the earths surface, that were planted for military purpose, to inflict death and injury on humans, needs to be removed.

And the list goes on …

As you can see, all these are man made disasters, and not like an avalanche under which I am buried or a blown away by a tornado or leaving my living place because of a volcano eruption or running out of my house because of a earthquake.

So, maybe the (very) unfortunate, (very) tragic events and happenings serve as the current antecedents for further advancement of Human Civilizations.

Hope I made my self clear.

With the best wishes and regards from India, Sanjay Dixit. Mumbai,India

Sanjay R. Dixit