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sanjay dixit
Posted July 7, 2012 from India

US drone attacks kill innocents also and many of them and this is really serious matter. Even small boys and girls playing on the roads or going to school/returning from school, get killed in addition to other innocent people getting killed in the process of killing terrorists. Who gets punished? No one, because the feeling of comfort between nations is more important than justice for the family members, relatives and friends of those who got killed for no fault of theirs.

You talk about Syria,Iran,Pakistan, and what about India? They consider their Integrity as being above board, is it? That is as fake as a fiction film.

There were 30 million female foetecide cases in India in the last 10 years - a crime against humanity done remorselessly and still going on. Who gets punished, hardly any one because the feeling of comfort of the male member of the family is more important than the life of the girl.

Such types of people are responsible for the death of the following two girls, about wich I had mentioned -

A young girl got into prostitution. She worked in this trade for a few years and contracted HIV/AIDS. She was in advanced stage of HIV/AIDS by the time she was 22 years old. A doctor gave her some treatment and, was later sent to her parent’s place, which was far away from her place of work. Before she could reach her home and meet her parents, she died on the way. Her parents received only her dead body. A girl committed suicide by jumping from the 7th floor of a building. Next day there was news in the daily news papers. People referred to her as only a prostitute who committed suicide. Who said sorry to the parents of the two girls? No one. Because that does not suit the convenience and comfort of any one.

Cold blooded and brutal assassinations in the name of caste - honor killings, etc done, actually due to the complete failure of reason and justice, but considered to be done on grounds of reason and justice; again, crimes against humanity that are done in the name of justice, by brutal thugs and criminals. Those who suffered permanent loss of their loved ones, do not get justice because the work of delivering justice to them means causing discomfort to some powerful, respectable and influential individuals in the society. And what way to kill?

There have been cases where, because a girl is not wanted, the family members have fed the infant small pieces of glass to kill her by cutting her intestines, instead of giving her milk.

There have been cases where, because a girl is not wanted, the family members keep the infant under the leg of a bed and crush her to death by applying pressure from top of her and killing her.

Such is the cowardice and savagery beyond imagination. Criminals such as these should be hung on the gallows in public. There is no need for such type of people to live in human society and with other living creatures.

In the Indian Mythology, there is a demon named Ravana. He kidnaps the wife of Lord Rama by alluring her, the god. He does not, however, defile, degrade, or do any other crime against her but on the contrary treats her with respect and provides her with the means to live well in his kingdom. Later Lord Rama wages war against Ravana and gets back his wife in good condition.

Every year, on one day, the effigy of Ravana is burnt in public in order to demonstrate the victory of good over evil. This is being done since centuries and millennia. By this yardstick, the dead bodies of the perpetrators of the above mentioned crimes should be kept hung in public for centuries and millenia that are on the way coming, Their effigies should be burnt daily in public, every day of the year. But instead, these people are not caught and punished or may, at the most, minimum punishment, and as time moves on they escape from the back door without the public noticing. But this is not done because some people who are respectable and influential members of the society will experience discomfort.

Why is this so? Such a heinous crime against Ravana who already got his punishment what he did. Is this the way we treat fellow human beings. We do not have even the barest minimum dignity and respect for human life. Is this what the world learnt from India? The so called, one of the oldest civilizations of the world, proudly stated.

Is this how we treat our elders, and in particular to Ravana who is thousands of years older than us? This is done because India experiences comfort, feels comfort. Do we not treat Ravana as a member of the human family? Why is the world struggling to stay above board with respect to Human Rights? Because of India, who else is there to learn from – we learn only from our elders.

A global consortium of nations should be formed in order to victimize, and to bring on their knees, brutal regimes such as Syria, Iran, India Pakistan, etc that does remorseless mass murders made to beg in front of the world for mercy.

Sanjay Dixit Mumbai, India.

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