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sanjay dixit
Posted January 16, 2014 from India

Date: 16/01/2014

To: World Pulse 1006 SE Grand Ave, Suite 200 Portland, OR 97214,USA.

From: Mr Sanjay R.Dixit, 201,Manish Towers; 5/6,Manish Nagar, JP Road, Andheri West, Mumbai – 400053, India

SUB: Women Weave the Web.

Dear World Pulse and Team Members,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in this campaign.

This campaign is about empowering woman and girls via the internet. For this the following classes of women were identified – a) Girls who are less than 18 years age going to school MINORS b) Girls/Women who are 18 years age and more MAJORS

Implicit in my writing is the worldwide view.

Minors These are just girls, small girls. They may or may not be going to school. All of them should be going to school. My understanding is that empowerment of girls/woman ought to be nurtured from minors status onwards. So, from the formative age of girls the “Empowerment of women” aspect is ensured. This pattern should be implemented for girls living in villages, towns and cities alike. Schools/colleges in all these places MUST have computers and access to internet. Also the parents of these girls should be encouraged to have computers/laptops in their homes so that girls, the new modern girls, can learn their lessons from the internet and learn lots and lots of things about the world they live in. Their curiosity about the world they live in needs to be fostered.

Majors 18 years and above; it’s now time for the girls/women to decide how they are going to live and/or earn a living in the society in which they are going to live. So, again the same pattern that is applicable for minors continues with them, but with a difference. The difference is the realization that “Empowerment is to be earned, empowerment is conditional”.

I will give you small examples –

  1. The students empowered to represent their school for inter-school soccer matches. The school selects the boys who represent the best talent available in the school to participate in the soccer matches.
  2. The student empowered to represent their school for inter-school chess championship. The school selects the student (boy or girl) who is the best talent available in the school to participate in the chess competitions.
  3. The production supervisor of a manufacturing organization who was promoted to become a production manager – he represented the best acquired technical and managerial skills for the job of production manager. The rest of the supervisors remain less empowered.

Girls and women who are major could be – a) Doing a job or business b) Continuing with their education c) Not doing any job or business or continuing with their education

Those girls and women doing job, business or continuing with their education must have access to the internet for the activities in which they are engaged in plus for acquiring general knowledge and experience. This is regardless of the type of job, business or educational activity that a girl or woman is engaged in.

For those girls and women not doing any job, business or continuing with their education, internet access for them also is a must. There are home based jobs, on-line jobs, part-time jobs or free lance jobs that they could be encouraged to take up. Here the internet is useful for acquiring self-empowerment as against institution based empowerment. For many of these girls/women, internet access can be and is a way for them to acquire more and more knowledge about the world they live in. If there are still girls/women who simply say no to work, then there is no way that empowerment for them will come on a platter.

Most of the share/stock broking companies offer the facility for on-line trading. Just by sitting at home, women can acquire a wealth of knowledge about several organizations and about their performance. They can buy and sell company stocks and make a profit and increase their bank balance. Additionally there is a wealth of knowledge available on the internet on topics that are of interest to girls/women for them to keep talking about for hours among themselves.

Women can teach their children their school subjects/lessons fro the internet.They can help their husbands to get technical information for their jobs/business.

There are many girls who get First Rank in the class of their school or college. So, there is no reason to feel that girls are less empowered at the educational level. However, when it comes to jobs girls/women may feel inadequately empowered. This is because men are expected to run their homes, raise their children and fulfill family needs. So, women feel less empowered. But if a woman were to say “Now I don’t have a husband, I raise my children and fulfill my family needs”, she will automatically get the extent of empowerment that women seek. But if a woman has a husband, then she will continue to be the supervisor who did not get a promotion unless she tells her husband (or parents) to sit at home and takes up the responsibility of running her home.

Family members, the parents and/or husband [or even a boy friend] should realize that girls/women need to be facilitated, helped and supported to acquire their own empowerment in society in order for them to realize the full potential of their talents and abilities.

WWW: Women Weave the Web

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  • Yvette Warren
    Jan 27, 2014
    Jan 27, 2014

    No truer words were ever written. Thank you for writing them, Sanjay.

    "Family members, the parents and/or husband [or even a boy friend] should realize that girls/women need to be facilitated, helped and supported to acquire their own empowerment in society in order for them to realize the full potential of their talents and abilities."

  • sanjay dixit
    Jan 27, 2014
    Jan 27, 2014

    Hello Y,

    Thank you for your response.

    If what I have written helps and supports world pulse and girls/women, in general, to realize the objectives for which they are working day and night, then that is the reward for my efforts.

    I would like to clarify a bit further. Family members facilitate acquisition of skills and abilities through education and training. But only because a person acquires skills and abilities through education and training does not go the distance to empower a woman. This is like a woman standing at a street corner holding the banner - "I am Woman, Empower Me because I am talented" - people will look and just pass by. OR. "I am Woman, I have the right for being Empowered in Society"- people will look and just pass by. OR. "By virtue of being a Woman, it is my fundamental right to be empowered"- people will look and just pass by.

    Now, if a woman who acquired certain skills and abilities utilizes/uses/applies them in a job. Say for example a girl/woman who became a software engineer does a job in a IT firm for a few years and then she tells her story of the different kinds of achievements in her job/work that benefited the organization in which she works, herself and the society in which she lives, then her desire to be an empowered woman will certainly be fulfilled.

    Thus for empowerment, acquisition of skills and abilities + their utilization for the benefit of society (the organization where she works, which is an integral part of society) and for self (which is equally important), will go the distance for realizing her goal of "Woman's Empowerment".

    For this to happen family members, husband, boy friend, friends and relatives, have to be genuinely supportive. Empowerment will require a lot of hard work to acquire in society.

    Thank you again, Mr Sanjay R. Dixit Mumbai, India.

  • AngelHeart
    Jan 30, 2014
    Jan 30, 2014

    Thank you for sharing Sanjay. I was so encouraged to read that you believe and support young girls having access to digital information through computers. I agree that their early exposure to information creates possibilities in their minds and hearts as to what they can accomplish in life. Girls with dreams will become women with purpose... and how can that be a bad thing.

    In your response to "Y" you wrote: "For this to happen family members, husband, boy friend, friends and relatives, have to be genuinely supportive. Empowerment will require a lot of hard work to acquire in society."

    That sentence I believe sums up the hard work... giving young girls internet access is one thing... changing social rules and expectations of how women "should" be is entirely another. Thank you for being willing to do some of the work needed to make women's empowerment possible in your part of the world.

    Many blessings to you, AngelHeart North Carolina USA

  • sanjay dixit
    Jan 31, 2014
    Jan 31, 2014

    Women feel inadequately empowered - I would go a bit further to say that this scourge. One needs to examine in greater detail, what lies at the heart of this scourge.

    Since the beginning women have allowed, and also expected men, to drive this complex and sometimes very difficut thing called "Human Empowerment". Women have preferred to take the back seat, and now thay find that there is much too little left for them from the cake of "Human Empowerment", for the female community. Man has eaten most of it and left much too little for woman.So, now woman has to fight back to get a reasonable share for herself for her own dignity and existence.

    Man comes from woman and woman comes because of man.The male and female are never in conflict or competition from natures point of view. They only complment each other. So, it is a fallasy to bring gender issues when dealing with "Human Empowerment". This because, in the natural world of non-human (other than human) this fallasy does not exist. All living life forms are continuously seeking empowerment - whether it the predator running after the prey or the prey running away from the predator.

    "Womans Empowerment" concern is an intra (within) "Human Empowerment" issue. So there are intra and inter life forms empowerment dynamics. Men whenever they have engaged in wars is an intra"Human Empowerment" issue.

    Therefore,women need to have a deep and comprehensive understanding of this truly complex thing called "Human Empowerment",its history, its dynamics,etc right from the time man started hunting for food and survival.

    This research woman has to do herself and convince men that its very important to resolve the intra"Human Empowerment" issues for dignity and existence of woman on which even a mans dignity and existence depends. Failing which the the scourge "Womans Empowerment" will continue and that will not be good.

  • Kjir
    Feb 11, 2014
    Feb 11, 2014

    Hello Sanjoy,

    I always appreciate hearing different perspectives and very much enjoyed hearing from you. As I read your post and your responses to the comments you received there are a number of things that caught my attention. I'll comment on two of them. 1. ACCESS: You speak of access for women. Specifically access to education and the internet. I agree access to these "tools for empowerment" are critical. Knowledge and connection are powerful and necessary for women to achieve empowerment. 2. ADVOCACY: You speak about the importance of support from friends and family and the work that must be done in society. Angelhart above also mentions that the need to change social rules and expectations of how women "should" be is also the necessary. Further, in your response to Y you highlight the power of a woman telling her story. Women must advocate for themselves AND there must be others at the same time that are advocating for women; telling stories of empowerment, the value realized by women, their families and society as a result of that empowerment is a great form of advocacy and change.

    Thank you for sharing! Kjirsten

  • sanjay dixit
    Feb 11, 2014
    Feb 11, 2014

    Thank you Kjirsten for your response. Woman's empowerment is to be viewed in the larger and a much more complex phenomena/context of human empowerment. Empowerment in human life is about balance of nature, about respecting truth, dignity and justice....... ........the truth of life that only can take woman onto the path of dignity and justice by facing the truth and by realigning the newly aligned truth with nature; the natural world. This only will take women onto the path of achieving woman's empowerment in line with that which exists in the natural world. The female in the natural world (except human) is a very powerful entity of the natural world, but not satisfactorily so in the human domain. This needs to be set right in line to be consistent with nature because nature ultimately is entity supreme. Thanks and Best wishes to you and your family, Sanjay R. Dixit, Mumbai, India.