Our friendship started with getting valuable information through web 2.0. Web 2.0 often described as ‘the web as platform’ by Internet users holds true by providing every writer the podium for publishing his/her work. The plethora of operations and data managing capacity of web 2.0 is just amazing. Though with the advent of web 1.0 we became familiar with sharing large number of information, web 2.0 equipped us with breaking up information into ‘ micro content’ that can be used further by tailoring data according to our need and looking beyond the same source of information through remixing the data. Prior to its genesis, we never thought of sharing our ideas, views and concern with such an electrifying speed. As I came to know about worldpulse community and sub community within it, I subscribed to groups working on issues like anti- trafficking, gender disparity, gender and sustainable water forums to enrich myself from the articles of my other colleagues from all corners of world. Likewise, there are so many social networking sites where we can find voices of many people espousing social causes unheard in mainstream developmental thinking. But can we visualize such forums without adequate facilities for exchanging views and solutions through conferencing, posting blogs, search engine optimization with people around the world in a small span of time? Many social networking communities have posted their views and work, their action plans, the problems encountered by them on their websites in past few years with the distinct purpose of advocating the cause of gender and women empowerment. What is more encouraging is the fact that the world perspective on gender has acquired a broad based social meaning rather than segregating women as reproductive machinery with little ability to participate in mainstream production functions. After Esther Boserup’s appealing argument against ‘trickle down’ benefits from macro economic strategies targeted towards modernization and growth, the women empowerment strategies have moved towards ‘gender and development’ approach from ‘welfare’ approach. This new stream of thinking has helped men in joining such forums to strengthen the women empowerment movements. Use of web 2.0 is facilitating the process with more men realizing the inevitability of gender equity and equality and joining the cause through accessing information on this subject. Another aspect I would like to mention is the enormity of women issues witnessed through the eyes of women irrespective of north- south divide. Many of our notions about developed countries being insulated from gender inequality got challenged by stories that we glanced upon in gender related networks. I am looking forward to internalizing more knowledge by working closely with groups working on anti- trafficking, gender based violence and sustainability of water and sharing some of my ideas and experience with my groups. Last but not the least, I would like to add web 2.0 has certainly helped the cause of women empowerment through providing us a platform where we can articulate or thoughts.

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by pearld (not verified)

Dear Sanjukta,


I really enjoyed reading your assignment on the Introduction to Web 2.0 and Citizen Journalism. Great title, as I truly believe this resource that can empower and be a very good friend to all women wanting to share their voice.

You provide a lot of information on how web 2.0 has helped you with the work that you do and passions that you believe in. You have realized that it is not just a tool for women to use their voice, but for their voices to be heard, cross-gender. Something that may not otherwise be possible within another circumstance.

Your voice and stories are strong, keep sharing. I would love to read more of your profile, where you are from in India and more of your background. I have been to India twice now, work related trips with design, but have not even touched all the places I would like to see there.

It was a pleasure to read your assignment. Great luck with #2.

Kind regards, Theresa

Hi Pearld, Sorry dear for replying late! Thank you for your appreciation. Your interest about India and its people is equally encouraging for me. I hope you really enjoy reading about some bits and pieces of my life. I have been associated with development sector for a long time. My work introduced me to many new worlds within the world of my existence. I had spend some of my memorable days with leprosy affected children of Purulia district (i.e. in West Bengal and one of the most backward districts of India)to delve a bit more into the world of unpriviledged children. After that I went to some inaccessible areas of Purulia district to work with the rural mothers, women and girls on reproductive health and gender issues. I also spent some years working on HIV/AIDS prevention, anti- trafficking and gender research iin various states of India. At present, I am working for analysing impact of micro level watershed development, cropping pattern evolvement on women. Though I was born and brought up in Jamshedpur( a steel city in Jharkhand), I moved to Purulia district as a teenager.My home state West Bengal lies in the eastern part of India with Calcutta as its capital. I hope you will be coming to India to see the places not touched by you yet very soon. Waiting to hear more of you. Regards Sanjukta

Hi Sanjukta,

I am Genice Jacobs and I had the fortunate assignment of being your reviewer for week 1 VOF assignment.

Overall, it was a great essay which i found to be interesting and energizing. You offered an inspiring description of the potential of web 2.0. I was impressed by your enthusiasm in pulsewire and your willingness to jump right in and subscribe and participate in different groups. You struck me as being very articulate with a broad base of knowledge and interests.

I would suggest for next time that you break your essay up into several paragraphs. It would make the ideas easier to grasp and digest. As it stood, the ideas ran into one another more than they would have if broken into smaller bites. Also, I would love to hear more of your personal perspective as it stems from you unique cultural background.

Great job!! Best of luck on the next assignment

Best, Genice Jacobs Oakland, CA USA

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