women image in media vs. woman's in Islam

Sara Hamed
Posted September 15, 2013 from Sudan

There is this huge misunderstanding and dishonest image of women in Islam and I actually dont know where did this come from?! Is it only because of the way muslim women dress? Or is it the way we are treated in Islam as women!? I belive that this came from the jealousy and hatered against Islam teachings by others and I mean by others people who are not muslims and also muslims who hate Islamic teachings,both of them since we the human being follow and search for ways to fulfill our endless desires and wants and always looking for reasons to justify what we know deeply inside and logically is wrong! are looking ways to make the common thinking of what is wrong as right from a point of view that as long as there are many people who do it and want it that means its okay which is totally not!!! When you go to a supermarket for example to buy a washing machine you have to receive a manual to help you use it and get the most benefit of it also how to protect yourself if something went wrong,well I see Holy Quran is the best standard manual that we can trust to make our judgements in every thing including how women should be treated . Why is Holy Quran should be standard for women rights ? or as I said for every thing ? In my point view its due to two simple reasons,firstly God created us and knows what is best for us,secondly there are many previous religions and books God sent through prophets and massengers but they can not be taken as standards cuz they were messed up with by selfish people who searched to justify what is wron and adjust rules to fulfill their own wants and desiers ,but as sane,logic,mentally stable creatures we should be able to separate our wants and desiers from absolute right and wrong. As a matter of fact media rules and runs the world now through affecting peoples standards and weaken them through manipulating their desiers using women as a double edged weapon for economic ,marketing,intertainment,politics and military purposes etc.The question is that ,is it realy okay to use women in every possiable way and yet convince every body that this is the way it should be done? well I dont think so cuz the whole idea is around if you are sexy woman you can get it all or that is at least what media is washing our minds with as girls and womens.I see women are used more than any other time,if you want to sell a good use a sexy beautiful woman ,if you want your film to be a huge success use half naked women in a malicious attempt to make your audience think that this is civilization we talk about, to get them watch and experience what they desire and want not to be clear about what is right and wrong.so basically the world is not going forward because we are not talking to each other's minds but we are talking with each other libido and survival intenct using such awful policies that always includes women. On the other hand just think about it ,what harm could actually covering your head or face with hijab do compared to looking sexy for every body and feel only satisfied as a woman if every one is pleased with the way you look ,walk ,dressed and talk.Many girls live in this pressure and its kind of violence against girls to make them think so all the time and many of them lose their lives doing a surgery or following harmful diets trying to satisfy people and that all happend because of media not because of Islamic teachings which actually treat the woman as a precious creature.

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