My personal vision for the world is that we must break down the social and political barriers impairing our universal divine right to self-empowerment, to the cultivation of our own opportunities, and to the fulfillment of creating beautifully unique and liberating lives. Unfortunately this world is often oppressive; one that prevents people from attaining this kind of humanity. It is my vision to live and work towards overcoming this great injustice, towards creating a world in which we embrace each other.

The way I intend to do this is by speaking out, by connecting to those with similar visions, and by engaging in positive action. I would like to write and become involved with progressive and powerful forms of media. It is my dream to go to school for investigative journalism, to become a part of that team of dedicated and courageous individuals who devote their lives to exposing injustice and telling the world about it, no matter the risks. But I do not intend to insist upon speaking into the microphone at the head of the parade, for I am fortunate enough to have inherited a certain level of privilege. I want to be the one who goes to lengths to get that microphone to every other willing voice—for we all deserve to speak up and to be heard.

I have come to know that to be fully human in this life I have to follow my passion to work towards this kind of justice in the world—not only towards uprooting injustice, but also towards righting the system that created it in the first place. WorldPulse’s Empowerment Methodology is based on ‘shifting from pathology to vision’, from ‘static to organic growth’. I, like many people in this world, have often fallen victim to simply being jaded and cynical about the world, and I am ready to take that step towards focusing on positive solutions, dynamism and action. I have born witness to poverty, inequality and injustice in both my home and abroad, and I have learned the incredible fulfillment and necessity of embracing the ‘other’ in the movement towards liberation. I believe in the wisdom of the words, “What we are reluctant to touch often seems the very fabric of our own salvation,”(Don Delillo), and it is my vision for myself, my community and the world that we will conquer our fears of each other and oppression, cultivate mutual dialogue and trust, and create a more beautiful place for our children to inherit.

Becoming a VOF correspondent would be an idyllic next “growth step” for me – I need to face my fears of personal inadequacy and lack of confidence, and to nurture the courage to know I am capable of being extraordinary. To do this I need a support network of women who share my vision, and a guiding hand to help me learn. WorldPulse embodies the type of human-based journalism that I embrace and seek to become a part of—media that is not sensationalist, partisan or dogmatic, but rather real, dynamic and inclusive. The process of responding to these prompts for VOF has made me realize I already have opportunity, as well as passion and energy to work towards change. This process of self inquiry and community participation with PulseWire has been inspiring and life changing. It has made me unearth the conviction that had already been growing within me that this is what I want to do with my life— to speak out and to help others speak out for themselves, in an effort to right injustice and work towards revolutionary positive change.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Your Vision.

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I love how you don't want to speak on behalf of others, but rather you want to encourage their growth and confidence so they can speak for themselves. What a beautiful journey.

-Carri Pence

Thank you for your inspirational post, Sara. I really enjoyed reading your ideas! I like how you stress the importance of letting people speak for themselves instead of speaking for them.