Congratulations Libya

Sarah Abuturkia
Posted November 23, 2011 from Libya

Congratulations Libya and all Libyans. Finally we can be free. After the capture of the dictator Muammar Gaddafi, Libyans can breathe again. It was such a thrilling moment, something no-one could believe, it was so good to be true but for the first time after 42 years, it was! Libya is so blessed with its own people but even with the people who cared and worried about our country and knew that they could help it before it's gone.

After all these lovely moments and the great and happy celebrations, we caught three other belongings to the so called colonel. The oldest son, Saif el islam, the other son, Mutassim and his loyal rat Abdallah el- Senussi. I am happy to have seen and lived these days, I have just enough stories for my children and theirs and for everyone out there. Last night our PM announced the names of the people in the new government and as seen there are no problems,no shooting proved that we are moving forward and that we are capable to express our happiness in words instead of hurting others and scaring the children. We are moving in the right direction and we are all for one and that's success!

I now announce you Free and Liberated.

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