About Me: Hello to Everyone, I am excited to have found a space from which; women of all ages, demographics and experieces can come together to share, connect and inspire.

There are times in our lives; when we must realize that positive change only comes about by connecting likeminded people who believe in a cause and who are all driven by a passion and compassion towards others. I am a Canadian, but have spent most of my life studying other cultures, visiting other countires in search of a familiar voice that we, as women all share and that is to be equal, to be strong and to be change agents in our own communities. There is a common thread bewteen all women, we strive to do good work, we strive for love and family, we suffer and struggle, we hope and above all we endure.

I could tell you all the little things about me that perhaps make me unique... that I am an athlete, I work in the corporate world, I am a philanthropist, I am a writer, I am a survivor, I have lost and I have gained... but the most important introduction I can make is that I am woman looking to contribute globally with the best of my ability, and to connect with you, likeminded women in hopes of learning more about your passions, your thoughts and what drives you.. Thank you kindly, and I look forward to your journals and to meeting each of you.

Smiles, Sarah Jamieson

My Passions: African Development/ Economic Empowerment

My Challenges: Without Challenges, there would be no success. I call challenges, Building Blocks.

My Vision for the Future: To contribute to humanity, in a way which connects communities and empowers women.

My Areas of Expertise: Communications/ African Development/ Corporate Relaions/ Health and Wellness - Rehabilitation

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