About Me: We are women who are committed to empowering ourselves, one another and the community thru our daily actions, dialogue, shared leadership, community service and providing educational opportunities by conforming to the highest and deepest values of all of our faith traditions. Our major initiatives include creating Cities of Compassion with the Charter for Compassion and Compassion Action Network, our RISE Initiative, empowering young women, and our 5th Annual Weekend of Community service where we activate our community to focus on our common values of serving the underserved. We meet monthly in dialogue, promote and support other organizations and respond spontaneously to the needs of our community. We are a "Cooperation Circle" of the United Religions Initiative and I serve on the Leadership Council for North American, nurturing forward the relationships between grassroots interfaith organizations. I am also a co-founder of I Am Jerusalem, Board Member of the One Global Family Foundation and The Religious Diversity Institute and soon will be launching a consulting firm in the field of sustainable communities and businesses and everything In between. I also speak to all ages of youth and young adults about realizing their full potential as global citizens and am the author of Make A Difference 101.

My Passions: Creating New Solutions to Old Problems

My Challenges: Fear

My Vision for the Future: A World That Works for Everyone

My Areas of Expertise: Weaving Relationships, Creating Initiatives,

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