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Dreaming in the Dark!

...especially about everyone here at Pulsewire creating another media. Well said! It is a media of Truth and Justice and Love, and I share your gratitude for everyone here who is sharing and daring to co-create a world that reflects those same values. Traveling to other places challenges our own perspectives as well as our sense of place, of where we come from and what we are a part of, whether or not we want to be. I think it's such a gift to be able to travel. We humans have an amazing, either beautiful or frightening ability to create our own reality. We have to choose wisely, and for now we have to live in the reality that others before us have not so wisely chosen. It is not easy at all to change that reality, but it is not impossible. You are so right in what you observe about our U.S. culture and the way the media presents their version of our reality, which is both inaccurate and manipulative. You are a truth seeker! Me, too. And I have found it is hard and sometimes lonely ( because sometimes it feels like everyone around me believes the lies) and it is often depressing. But, as you said, there is also so much good news that is hidden from us! We are kept in the dark and kept in fear because then we are easier to manipulate and persuade. We must shine the light on all the good things that are happening, on the positive influence and power of individuals and groups that work to create a good, sustainable life for themselves and others. I find that I have to be brave enough to go into that darkness and shine light, reveal, the hidden truth, or shine the light of love where there has been pain or suffering. Sometimes I find things hiding within my own shadow, things I'd rather keep hidden, but must face. I can only heal the old wounds if I go into the dark to get them, to bring them out into the light where I can heal them. I also have to be strong enough to not get sucked under by the heaviness of it all. I have to remember that I am sacred and that I carry the light of love and hope within me, right where the Goddess put it, so that it cannot be blown out by anyone or other things around me. I've also learned that the darkness represents the underworld or sometimes death, not physical death, but often the need to let go of something I've held onto. Like you said, we hold on to the things which are familiar, rather than face the mystery and uncertainty of what's to come. That's where we have to trust our own sacredness, our inner light and Spirit/God/Goddess, that in allowing the old things to die, we open space for new things to be created, for new realities. I call on certain ancestors, angels, and certain goddesses to accompany me and guide me into and out of the darkness. I leave a thread, like Ariadne did when she entered the labyrinth. My thread might be a drumbeat or a certain song or a picture of something that makes me smile, something that will help to guide me back to the light or to my earth bound soul's purpose. Like the Goddess Innana, I ask a trusted friend to help to call me back if I stay there too long. Sometimes, like these short winter days, like the new moon completely hidden every month, I know that I have to go into that darkness, that there are things in there I am meant to uncover, layers I must shed, the wounds of patriarchy and the armor of illusions and ego, in order to reveal who I really am, in order to shine my light as brightly as I can for others, in order to say out loud that I will not hide or be hidden. I see in you a courageous woman who has the power and love to dream in, through, and beyond the darkness. Thank you so much for sharing your journey and shining your light! ~Sarah