Introducing myself and my journal: the thing with feathers

Posted February 3, 2010 from United States

About Me: Hello! I am excited to be joining this amazing virtual community. I'm a mid-age, married, mother of two teens. I have also been a preschool teacher, a nanny, a reading mentor/tutor, an ESL mentor/tutor, a flight attendant, a student, a traveler, and I have volunteered for several organizations. I'm a seeker of truth and wisdom, a compassionate human, a believer, a peacemaker, a shamanic priestess and a yet unpublished writer (other than posts). I also dance just for the sheer joy of it. I hike in the woods near my home nearly every day, stopping by the stream to connect to nature and all living things, to pray, and to express gratitude. I love life and love the earth. I love the journey of life, including the disappointments and harsh realities because there is always something to learn. I love humanity, for the most part, but I find violence toward any human or any living thing or destruction of the earth to be sacrilegious. Sometimes it is hard to be hopeful, but it is essential.

My Passions: music, books, poetry, traveling, hiking, learning, cooking, socializing, sunshine, nature, spirituality, conversation, art, kayaking, tea, candles, flowers, chocolate

My Challenges: self confidence, making good use of my time

My Vision for the Future: I envision a non-violent world, earth restored to balance and beauty, all people having access to land, natural food, clean water, education, and joy.

My Areas of Expertise: friendship

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  • Katie McDonald
    Feb 03, 2010
    Feb 03, 2010

    Hello Sarah,

    Welcome to PulseWire. We are a vibrant online community with many groups and features, which I encourage you to explore.

    If you are not sure where to start, I suggest going to the Voices Rising section. Here you can view and comment on the latest posts. It is available here:

    Joining the PulseWire Lounge is also a great place to start. This group is at the heart of the PulseWire culture and can be found here:

    I look forward to hearing more about your life.

    Best wishes,


  • Maria Howe
    Feb 06, 2010
    Feb 06, 2010

    Welcome to Pulsewire!

    It's exciting to have you here and to learn a bit about you. We all get a little more empowered when more voices join the choir! Please feel free to share your thoughts, stories and encouragement. Hopefully you enjoy becoming a part of this global community.

    Your passions and challenges remind me of myself! Too many things to love and no good way of organizing my time to get to them all. I hope you are finding the time for your all your passions, even if sporadically. I look forward to seeing more of you online and hearing more of your voice.

    Listen. Engage. Have Fun!

    Regards, Maria

  • Michelle Elmquist
    Feb 10, 2010
    Feb 10, 2010

    Hi Sarah,

    Welcome to PulseWire! You have joined an amazing community of inspiring members posting from all over the world and I know you will find a lot of support here. Let me know if you have any questions about the community and I will help you to get started. It is nice to hear from people who remain optimistic in spite of the immense challenges we face; I look forward to seeing more from you!

    Be well,